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Living in a first world country makes an anarchist wilt. Many
anarchists, like myself, have settled in third world countries to
escape bureaucracy, partisan political squabbling, and an increasing
cost of living. I'm sure many of you want to move to countries like
Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand, or other popular expat
destinations but are afraid of running out of money.

Making enough money on the internet to cover the cost of living
in a low-income country really is not so hard if you know where to
start. Writing for Steemit is a great way to earn money off the books,
but it is still not enough to replace a full-time job for many new
users. If you are a skilled professional, like a writer, programmer,
or graphic designer, you can land gigs online that pay just as much as
much as jobs in a first world country.

For those that are younger with a really short resume, there are still
options to make ends meet while traveling or living abroad. Many of
these websites may not even require a submission of a resume or an

Remote English Teaching

Many Chinese companies are desperate to find native English speakers
to tutor students. The internet is saturated with English teaching
job positions

and many of them don't care whether you have a University degree or not.

If you want to get started tutoring English without any contractual
obligations or set schedules, you can try the Palfish application on
your phone. Create an impressive looking profile complete with photos,
a writing sample, and a voice recording. Once you are approved by the
moderators of the app, you can switch on your availability status and
students will pay by the minute to call you.

Amazon's Mturk

Mturk is probably known by many college students to make
a few extra bucks for beer money. It is probably not the best place to
make money as a digital nomad, but you can make at least an extra
$10-$50 per day if you learn how to utilize certain browser addons.
You will need to be from the United States to sign up for Mturk and it
is recommended to use a USA VPN.

Search Engine Evaluator

Both Bing and Google have projects that hire part time workers to
complete micro-tasks in order to increase the quality of search engine
results. If you are American or Canadian, you can apply to work on
these projects through Appen, Clickworker,
or iSoftstone.


Transcription is probably not the most exciting job in the world, but
it altleast can help pay your rent and no special skills are required.
It can be quite challenging to type fast enough to keep up with the
dialogue of audio recording or trying to decipher what quiet speakers
are saying. If you get enough practice, you should be able to
transcribe rather quickly and earn money even faster. Many online
position will pay by the word count and will have specific formatting
guidlines that you must abide by. You can apply to sites like
CastingWords, Rev, or TranscribeMe to get started.

Writing Mills

Even if you are not the best writer in the world and only have a high
school diploma, there are content brokers that need native English
writers to create SEO content. These jobs will typically pay $0.01 to
$0.03 per word, which is quite low in comparison to a professional
writer, but the articles are quite easy to churn out and it beats
working for McDonalds. Textbroker, Crowdcontent,
and Writers Domain are some of the most popular platforms. Once you become more confident in your writing skills, you may create a portfolio and apply for serious writing gigs.

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Good post :) tnx

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your journey

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HI, @fiserman.

First off, thanks for 'following' me. I always check out the feeds of those who have found a reason to do so.

Secondly, this is a great article. I'm chomping at the bit to go nomad, and this provides heaps of info I wasn't aware of. HK ain't cutting it in some regards, and I've become entrenched.

I'll just have to convince my girlfriend - that's the hard part, I reckon ;)

Wishing to be paid in $ and spend in baht and rupees.



Thanks for the kind comment and the resteem. :)

I'm working on residual income from peer to peer lending and from other investments mainly, and I also plan to do residential security consulting remotely using cameras and the Internet. There are definitely lots of ways to still make money no matter where you are on the globe. Thanks for writing a great post with many other options too!

Thanks I think my college age kids will like those links particularly if it involves beer money ;).

Great article man!! I never knew there were so many options out there, some of which might well suit me. Thanks for the information!!

great post. thank you for the information.