Anarchist Graffiti "KEEP YOUR COINS, I WANT CHANGE" by Banksy

in anarchist •  2 years ago  (edited)

Does this Graffiti speak to the Cryptocurrency Community?

The message of this piece, as with any art, can be indefinitely interpreted. A thought came to me after revisiting this piece of graffiti by renowned street artist - BANKSY. What if instead of the word coins being referred to as coins as part of a National currency alongside with paper money, the word was used to speak of Bitcoin or any of the beloved altcoins?

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Very well said...

Thanks for commenting @oneluv

Great! Thanks for share.

Glad you enjoyed it.

No doubt Banksy understands that technology can't change people, and people can't change other people except for themselves. Let's hope that cryptocurrency results in the changes that make us better and not worse...

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