ANNOUNCEMENT: Exclusive Interview with Crypto-Anarchist, Renaissance Man Paul Rosenberg

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Who is Paul Rosenberg?

Well, if you missed my first interview with him (below), Paul has been a crypto-anarchist for a long time. He runs one of the best Virtual Private Network services out there, Cryptohippie, and is the author of the terrific book, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, a must-read for any freedom-minded individual. Although, his knowledge spans far beyond anarchism and technology.

What's the plan?

So, I had this wild idea that for our next interview, I would travel up to Chicago and interview him in-person; that way, it can be more personal, we can do video, and I think it will just lead to an overall, higher quality production. Paul is a busy man so the logistics have been difficult, but we are shooting for April 7th; if that fails, we have another date in-mind later on in the month; regardless, we will make it happen.

What's the subject of discussion?

Well, there's a few.

In our first discussion, we hammered on the crypto-anarchist sort of stuff; but, as I said, he's got much more to offer than just that. In his book, he puts forth an interesting take on sexuality, modern marriage, as well as spirituality/religion. I'd like to hammer down on those and make this an extremely fascinating discussion for those outside of the anarchist sphere.

Here's a sneak peek concerning one of his issues with the treatment of sexuality:

Well, there is something similar later on. I call it Adolescent Misery: the miseries of dealing with your sexuality coming alive. You’ve been told – repetitively – that sexual desire is bad. More importantly, everyone you know treats it as something to be afraid of. They speak of it only in hushed tones, and not in front of children. They are not allowed to discuss it in public. It is made tabu. Then, you have desperate floods of passion. What is a young teenager supposed to do with this overload of contradictions? And God help you if you’ve had parents who cheated on each other, and tore your family apart! Then, you’re sure desire is dangerous. It can warp the soul. Few survive it without scarring. What is the teenager supposed to think? ‘My body is coming alive with passion and pleasure, but these feelings are evil?’ How twisting is that?

And here's an interesting perspective on the Biblical stories of Jesus' healing powers:

What really stands out is Jesus’ discovery of healing. This type of thing happened occasionally in Judea and elsewhere, but nothing like what Jesus did. He treated healing like it was a typical ability, common to all men. He was introducing healing as a newly-discovered ability that we all had; a human tool that he had newly figured out how to use. He would come into a town, and heal the sick people, town after town after town. And the thing that always bothered me – at least until I understood it – was that he refused to take credit for a lot of the healings. He would always say ‘your faith made you whole’. And then he goes out of his way to prove the point. He sends out the twelve to do the same things he does. Then he sends out seventy to do the same things he does. And they do those same things. They get the same results. It’s as if he’s saying to the entire nation of Israel, ‘If I’m special, how are your children doing this?’


Through all of this, he is trying to show that all men are capable of doing extraordinary things; that men have amazing abilities that they have not yet used. He believes deeply in the greatness of men, and sets out to prove it to all who have eyes to see.

So, as you can clearly see, this is going to be one helluva discussion.

How can you help?

I'll be honest with ya'll; I can obviously afford a four hour road trip up to Chicago, but any help in minimizing costs would be fantastic. You can up-vote, re-steem, and share this post around. I could just do a normal audio-only podcast, but I don't think that would do this discussion justice.

You can also donate in other ways if that more suits your fancy.

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Either way, I am extremely excited for this and I hope you are too. It will be an incredible piece of content. Have a good one, ya'll!


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