Can Anarchism Save The Planet with Sterlin Lujan and Daniel Pinchbeck

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Anarchast Ep.449

Jeff Berwick discusses saving the planet with Sterlin Lujan and Daniel Pinchbeck. Topics include: climate change vs global warming, run away feedback, the troubling political situation, the psychedelic experience and political awakening, buying the Amazon to protect it, can business be just as evil as government, is Libertarianism itself a conspiracy? ideology vs core principles, solutions to avoid ecological Armageddon, what is a corporation? fascism, solutions based in freedom, is government inevitable? privatization of the Amazon, money and the state

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I enjoyed this interview. Sterlin did a great job explaining some key points, when he was given a chance.

The greatest environmental catastrophe is debt. The second greatest threat to the environment is governments and central banks that perpetuate that debt. Governments are the greatest polluters across the globe, and they even own a monopoly on what they claim is "safe" for the the environment. Just take a look at all the disasters the EPA has covered up, including the newest (50 years) of Roundup crimes

Is Sterlin Lujan on steemit?

Just amzing video shsring sir. But this video is so big 1 hours 17min 48sec.

Some great ideas raised here. There are many aspects raised in this conversation and Daniel definitely became very defensive I do think his thought process was being challenged within himself. Personally I think he has a very scientific mind and is struggling to process the anarchist thought process due to his conditioning. I think it will do a lot for his psyche he appears very stress about what he thinks 💯🐒