7 Resolutions for Anarchists In 2017

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Be more relaxed.

The world isn't coming to an end tomorrow, statism has been around a very long time and mass communication has quickly made the spread of true liberty possible at a rate like never before. You don't have to wake everyone up this second, and putting that kind of pressure on yourself may turn you into someone who is bitter, angry, or just generally stressed out. Have a casual approach, and remember that the goal is to mostly plant seeds. Remember, just because a statist butts heads with you now, or seems like they didn't at all listen, doesn't mean they won't consider what you said at some point in the future.
What I like to say to my fellow freedom lovers is: "Remember -- the brain records everything. If you SAY IT, they cannot UNHEAR it."



Do more agorism (do more transacting OUTSIDE the state).

Lots of anarchists/voluntaryists are already engaging heavily (or even entirely) in agorism, but there are many of us who have been living a life that involves a lot of those state-invaded interactions (like holding a job that requires paying taxes, or purchasing things at sites where taxes are charged). To some degree, the state has its hands in almost everything, and until the state is all the way dead (who knows when that will be), it's not necessarily practical for everyone to be able to live outside of its influence. However, there's always more outlets and opportunities popping up to do all kinds of agorist-related things in addition to whatever else you usually do day in and day out. Go to markets, anarchist meetups, do searches on stores in your area that don't charge tax, and maybe even make it a goal to try and withdraw from giving the IRS anything by choosing an entrepreneurial lifestyle that makes that possible. More and more liberty lovers are doing these things every month of every year, and it's exciting to see!



More IN-PERSON conversation, less online debating.

Have you ever watched two people you know personally, 'in real life', but who don't know each other, get into an argument online because they clearly misunderstood each other? You knew what each of them MEANT, but you could see how they were both typing in their respective styles and the manner of text communication they each engaged in just happened to clash horribly (though there should have been no real disagreement between them). Text communication is most often NOT being used by quality writers who are good at conveying tone and meaning clearly. Just in the U.S. alone, there are dramatically different subcultures all over, even within a single state or area of a state. A subculture's colloquialisms play a huge role in how its people are perceived. This is aside from the fact that text alone cannot show body language, cannot show facial expression, nor make vocal inflections heard properly. I've had way more amazing conversations about statism vs. true liberty with people who are sitting in front of me, rather than typing to me from the medium of the world wide web.



Take 'Live And Let Live' to a new level.

A lot of people still tend to be caught up in what others choose to do with their freedom, including (sadly) anarchists. Everything from how people manage their fashion, who they choose to date, to how many photos someone might post on Facebook of their dinner/selfies/work outs. Who fucking cares?! Every day, governments around the world are stealing en masse, murdering en masse, and kidnapping en masse. THIS is what is evil. These are the things worth having righteous anger or irritation at. If you're getting annoyed or worked up over the petty personal choices of another human, you're revealing just how small a person you are still, and how much you really need to do some growing. You want to be able to live as you see fit, so grant that grace to others, whether they choose to be like you or not.



Go to a few minarchist events (YAL, or Libertarian Party related).

Be a converter. It's said that the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist/voluntaryist is 6 months. I've known that to be true just from experience, and it was also true for me as well. Minarchists are often just on the verge of grasping true freedom and letting go of the last kinks in their logic. Make some minarchist friends/acquaintances and set up times to hang out or grab coffee and talk freedom. See if a friendly conversation or two, or a book recommendation, ends up doing the trick in a few months time (sometimes it happens in just minutes or hours). This is happening everywhere already, so help add to the growing numbers!



Meet more anarchists and spend more time with them.

There are more of us than you realize. I live with and hang out with anarchists constantly now. I meet new ones all the time, I know thousands online, and I go to meetups or events whenever I can get to them. It has made my life far more enriched, and made me a better person. I grow as a person at a much faster rate than I once did.

One of the best anarchist events I know of is one I spoke at last year, and will speak at this year again, Anarchapulco (which is held in Acapulco, Mexico). Founded by @dollarvigilante, it's the largest conference of anarchists in the world right now and I have to say, I've never met more amazing people and had more amazing conversations in one place before. If you want quality connections, quality ideas, lots of fun and all in a gorgeous location, I suggest you come see me and all our anarchist family this year, February 24th to the 28th!



Be the change, be healthy, be happy.

Whether you're an anarchist or not, it's true that happy, healthy, self-actualizing human beings will have far more influence on those around them than those who are angry, unhappy, unhealthy, bitter, and stagnant. If you're the sort to sit on your ass a lot and do a whole lot of complaining, instead of getting out into the world and appreciating, don't expect to have statists (or anyone for that matter) warming up to you easily. Don't expect that if you're withdrawn, whiny, depressive or unhappy, you're going to be winning hearts and minds to freedom very easily. If you want to see something done, do it. If you want to be happier, focus on the good and connect with good people. If you want to feel better, treat your body and mind better. Change your habits, change your life. When anarchists become people who are in general the most happy, healthy, and free... the statists around us won't be able to help noticing.



I think I Shall start a Party with THIS!

Good to see you back @dragonanarchist!

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing. :)

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great post thanks Amanda!

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