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The dangers of kids selling lemonade are real.  How do we even know that they're actually kids or that they're even selling actual lemonade?  I know that I don't want to take my chances with ISIS running about.

Thankfully, we've had some fine public servants doing their best to help keep us safe.  However, it unfortunately looks like some lemonade was sold in each instance without proper approved facilities, containers, nor permits and/or concession licenses.

What the hell are these crazy kids thinking?!

Someone could end up getting an extra scoop of lemonade you know how sweet that is?  Diabetes is an epidemic in this country and these kids are ruining lives while fleecing people and peddling their diabolical mixture.

Remember, if you see something, say something!  No papers, no lemonade!

Here's a recent offender:

Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand Shut for Not Getting a $3,500 Permit

You want to sell lemonade?  Follow the rules!  Sure, it will take years for you to make a fraction of what it takes to legally operate, but we're doing this to keep you safe.

As we've seen, not even Jerry Seinfeld is capable of having his kids skirt the rules.  

Nice try, funny man!

Our friends across the border are a little too loose on the restrictions, as they decided to issue "special permits" to 5 and 7 year olds and their lemonade stand.  

Are they nuts?!  Can they even make sure my lemonade is gluten free?  What if my son has a nut allergy?  His theoretical blood is on your hands, Canada!

Why don't they just learn from Texas, where people clearly know what's up!

Crisis diverted!

On a serious note...

This should remind everyone just how ridiculous the size and scope of our governments really is.

We aren't free, we are granted permissions.  We need to grovel and beg with our hard-earned money for the right to do what we could have done without the need to diminish our wealth.

If people prefer our lemonade be regulated, then surely that service could be provided without the need for a government.  However, like most sane people, I don't care if little kids sell lemonade without a permit.  They are people, and people are free to do as they wish, no matter what some other people would like to tell them.

It is up to us to support these young agorists who defy the law, by making sure we take the time to stop and get an ice cold glass of freedom when we can.  

We are helping them learn life lessons that will hopefully instill entrepreneurial independence down the road. 

If you see any officers harassing some young kids trying to sell lemonade, do not aggressively confront them.  They may have a legitimate reason for talking with them.  Perhaps they are even buying one.  But if they are merely trying to shut them down, film it and get it on here.  We can stop this madness by constantly ridiculing them and ultimately taking away their power to control us.

Their power is only backed by our obedience.  Why should we give it to them, when this is one of their brilliant attempts to keep us safe?

Would you really pay for this "service" if you didn't have to pay for it through taxation?  Perhaps there are other instances of economic destruction that we should stop forcibly financing.  Perhaps using force to finance anything isn't such a good idea after all...

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What's really sad is:, more than likely someone 'reported them' ... the cops should've had enough balls to go to interview the person that did report them, and let people know that they did !
Typical Statist Chicken Shittery ... BETTER CALL BACK UP !

It's time kids start doing hard time for these illegal concession stands. A couple of years ago, I got pulled over by two patrol cars for riding my bicycle without hands. I'm so glad the police can protect me from my idiot self

Yeah, a lemonade stand on every corner. Those little girls must be stopped at any cost. I heard they were using Country Time and not real lemons.


Little creeps...this needs to stop.


Yes, those little girls have had their boots on the back of the soda pop conglomerates necks for far too long now.

Excellent post, as is always a pleasure to see what it publishes. Thank you so much

You know it's a really sad state of affairs when children are harassed for lemonade stands. Where does it all end?

Feeling safer already. Thank you gubmint.

Ha ha. Good point, well made!