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Hi again David.

Now this is just a wild idea that hit me as @paszokonik sugested the European market.

I'm in Spain, right smack in the middle of the European food-basket so to speak, the endless fields of greenhouses in the province of Almeria, dubbed "Mar de plastico", or "sea of plastic" in English.
It's of mind-blowing proportions...

Mar de Plastico

Now, almost everything here, you can probably get both better and cheaper in central america, but there is this one thing that only really grown well in Spain, with a virtual global monopoly, and that is olives. Should you one day decide to expand to this produce, or the oil from it, I can potentially hook you up both with olive-farmers, and a very respected organic and high-quality solar-powered oil producer.

Oro del Desierto

I could probably also help hook you up with potential coffee and coco customers in coffee-crazed Sweden (where I'm from), and maybe even here in Spain. Just a thought.

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Excellent info! I will definitely keep that in mind. My wife's side of the family travels to Spain occasionally to visit one of their family members. I can always see if they'd be willing to pick up a few test products. If that time should come, I'll certainly be in touch with you. I'm Italian, so I would definitely appreciate some good olive oil.