Ancap Vs Minarchist Debate: Military, Police and Courts

in anarchism •  last year 

I understand as most people that the free market is better then government run enterprise, but do we not consider police as a business? Well here is talk liberty on youtube. Hope you guy's enjoy the video please upvote, follow, and leave your thought's in the comment section

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with Kokesh leading the way towards his nomination, this stuff needs to be ironed out ASAP. This discussion on vid is a good starting point. But ultimately, both sides are relying on poli-sci THEORY, which must be backed by empirical evidence somewhere. SHOW ME; DON'T TELL ME!

Well their is really nothing to have evidence for, I mean freedom has no ruler's freedom has not government other then self government, to know exactly what the free market would want is beyond me. Is this kinda what you were asking? Thank you for watching and the comment!!

and when two "self-governors" butt heads? Please. The "free market" doesn't have desires, only men using it.... or those willing to violate your Rights. Anyway, every minute you waste attempting to convince others of the righteousness and pragmatic positive the AnarchoVol way is, we watch another minute wasted that could be put to use building Agora3s...

when two people butt heads? you have to be more specific are they arguing because if that is the case who care's people can argue. If you mean I think you violated my right's and you think you did not then we go to an arbitrator and get a decision, or if you refuse to go then I am sure most people would agree that you were in the wrong and you will probably be shunned. Like I said I can't tell you how it would happen because the free market is unpredictable.

come out of your bubble, brock. We live in a world where the level of variables which are compounded to an infinite level even within an hour of interaction of just two humans make things almost impossible to predict. So, again. Let's just focus our energies on producing Agora3s and see what transpires. Enough of this sophistry.

No idea what your saying all I know Is you should never threaten someone with violence to get them to do what they want so sorry I can't condone government.

also the free market does have desire's, the free market is us the economy is us it is not something that should be controlled.

oh. ...and they wonder why women don't want to breed with them................

why women don't want to breed with who?

libertarians, in general

I have a fiance... lol Libertarian's are actually very good people and hard working. They just want to help the poor, and make sure people are allowed to provide for themselves without being restricted. I want people to be able to start a business without being restricted and having to pay a bunch of fee's. Most people try to paint libertarian's as crazy people, but we just want freedom.