AnarchAWAKENing Offers the Best Cacao Ceremonies, and This is Why!

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Chocolate is Medicine

Did you know that chocolate can have a very healing effect on the body, mind and spirit?

Cacao is a facilitator that allows us to get in contact with the parts of ourselves
that need healing, it invites us to look at ourselves and nourish those part
that we have neglected as well as embrace new aspects of who we are.

Every ceremony is different, since the experience is woven with and by the
people who participate in the circle and the energy they bring into it.

Music, meditation and sacred word circle help us move trough the ceremony at
a deeper than conscious level, as we remember how to listen to our hearts and
connect to ourselves and others in a more loving way.

What Makes Our Cacao Ceremonies Extremely Special?

Our facilitators use the same Cacao that Mayans and Aztecs used, which is now known as Criollo.

Criollo Cacao has a very unique chemical composition which is found in no other cacao variety.

It’s high content of theobromine makes it a powerful plant due to its heart opening capacities and its energetic properties give us the opportunity to explore our inner world in a subtle and loving way.

I personally sat with these amazing facilitators last year, and I couldn't believe the emotions I felt during the ceremony. It is a truly special experience that you don't want to miss!

We would be honored to share space with you for this rare and healing experience

February 11 - 14, 2019
Acapulco, Mexico

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LOl who knew I've been self medicating myself with chocolate all this time


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