Sasha Daygame Speaking @ too! Whee!

in anarchapulco •  last year

What's up guys, yep Anarchapulco was EPIC!!! As usual..... the only BAD part was there were SO many people, I just couldn't connect/meet hardly anyone. It was just insane.

So..... I'm doing one of my live "Sasha's Spiritual Sunday Sermon's" LIVE tomorrow 6pm at Anarchaforko... Usually they are on my main youtube channel sundays at 1-2pm over here:

(I talk about LOTS of interesting stuff.... "Self Love" "Self Mastery" "Meditation" .... and about a billion other tings!

The official forko site is over here:

Hope to see some of you! (I think I'll be speaking at the MAIN HALL, if not then at my buddy Kenny The Vegan Chef's 'temple of sovereignty'

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Dude you Rock.. I live in California now but was born in Ecuador and I just heard you are creating a healing center in Ecuador.. Where can I get more information on location details.. I just came back from 3 month Ecuador trip ,,

See you there brother.

Will your Chef friend cook in the show?