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Back in July last year, my friend introduced me to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As I dabbled with it and wanted to understand more about how blockchain could help improve this world, I saw that another friend of mine was already about to arrange a Crypto Finance event in Oslo.

I realized; I'm late into this. I have to catch up big time!

...So naturally, I do what I've learned from my mentors; Seek and learn from the absolute best. I immediately brought my podcasting equipment to the event and interviewed the most interesting speakers. One of them was Chris Coney. You can listen to the podcast episode with him here .

Two other very cool, up-and-coming dudes I interviewed was Cédric Cobban and Félix Masson-Godon. Both of them are brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiasts and Cédric aka Cob is the main man behind the blockchain MUSE, which is a ridiculously awesome new foundation for the entire music business.

Yes, you heard that right. They're creating an open and transparent self-paying royalty system. FINALLY, no more hassle with effing royalties. A big horay and high five for Muse

The Crypto finance event, and the interviews I did blew my mind with ephiphanies and new insights into blockchain technology. I still gotta pinch myself to believe this whole thing is real. I strongly believe that blockchain technology will solve so many problems in this world, and I don't know if most people really understand the true impact this can have on a global scale. I can't wait! What about you?

Anyways, after the event Cob and Felix invited me to come to Mexico for the Anarchapulco, the world premiere liberty event. Here, all the key players in the crypto-world is gathered to...

(Excerpt from the website) Celebrate freedom at the world’s premier conference for voluntaryist thinkers and activists. Held annually in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico, we bring together hundreds of principled anarchists to share ideas on how to live free and build a better world. Our unparalleled line up of speakers will discuss entrepreneurship, investments, politics, philosophy, health, sustainability, lifestyles and personal relationships for four days among the sun and beaches of a world-class resort.

I brought my homegirl, Tess and the camera gear, and made a video I'm pretty happy with.

If you like the video, please Upvote! (I have a dream to be able to make a living making video:)

I can't wait to go next year! Hope to see you there!



PS: Feel free to check out my other videos on my Youtube channel.

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Happy you guys made it down and event happier you loved it so much. I can't wait to do it again.
I'll see you both soon enough!

unrivaled writing sir, thanks for sharing with us.

Yes! MUSE is an awesome project! Thanks for sharing.

!! Great Video !!