great presentation I would only say that being materialistic is not at all bad it brings lot of employment to people

It does. I think if materialism is directed at the right things it can be okay, but it doesn't necessarily do any good to have a huge chunk of the population building things that are only used to display wealth or things that are shiny and expensive. Much better to spend on technology and science. Things that progress society and contribute to humanitarian needs.

So crazy Ron Paul is speaking this year! It’s gobba be classic!

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I hope you are sitting down for this,
Hi, my name is Gail and until I watched this video I had no idea what libertarianism, Ideology, or Anarchapulco was. I kinda feel like I have been living in a cave. I learned a lot. I am sitting here like, where have I been? Grateful you posted.

Its a great post. Nice presentation. Human being is special due to its power of speech and way of expression. Thanks for sharing.

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Isn't that the guy who said that "libertarian" facism is a thing and advocated for it?

Yes, he is.
"Fashies are friends" he said:

(Fuck TJ Kirk, but he provides here some evidence.) "Physically removing communists isn't giving up liberty" Yes it is retard, as well as giving up the NAP, if your ideas aren't good enough to be adopted voluntarily, then go home. You're no better than the commies. This guy can't possibly call himself libertarian or ancap anymore, can't figure out why the fuck this authoritarian prick is invited to Anarchapulco.

That Guy T did Nothing Wrong. It's OK to be Libertarian Fascist

Because there is no such thing like a Libertarian fascist.

There could be if we try. :-)

It is nice talk. Your idea might work. As you said you are still in preliminary stage.

Great presentation!

One of the hardest aspects of truth in media and holding true to ones virtue is the conviction to follow through on that inner understanding of individualistic freedom.

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yeah plz reply me upvote.. i wlys give comment reply so on

What a beautiful man this is and his presentation was passionate the audience like this very much.

Great video

Thank you for this post. I would have loved being there with you my friend. Going in ‘2018 for sure. Bless you.

He expresses that libertarians can’t just expect materialism to cause an anarchist paradise; we must value civil society, ancestry, and family.

It was nice to listen :) I hope you come and say more soon something :)

thanks your post!

Great post
I like it

great presentation by Taleed Brown

well bro go ahead

Cultural Libertarianism is a growing movement that basically advocates for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of expression. It also tries to take down groups that prevent people from exercising the before-mentioned freedoms, especially advocates of “PC culture”. It’s basically the opposite of Cultural Marxism.
Great Share @jeffberwick

Info yang sangat bagus, saya menantikan yang selanjutnya

Great video keep it up

thanks your post!

yeah i agree with you #Galleryma :}

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thanks, happy today

That guy T is great. One of my favorite Youtubes.

Great post you got here

thanks your post! upvoted!

This video gives so much hope on so many levels, I loved it.

Hah you guys did this guy dirty by not telling him he was going to speak.

Glad to see you here Jeff, I've watched you on YouTube before. We need more Bruce.

Is that That Guy T ?

Hey there! I´m Osama, the brother of Obama. If you think, I have to come back, give me like, then I maybe come back ;)

good presentation once he got past his jitters..... lots of great info right there

thanks for such a informative video

a perfect presentation. it becomes apparent from the faces of the listeners. how successful you are. Thanks for sharing.