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Anarchapulco was an incredible event and I had the opportunity to interview Cynthia McKinney on Anarchy, standing up to power, keeping strong and continuing to make a difference in the world. I hope you find her as inspiring as I do. I have admired her efforts against an intractable political system for years and here we discuss Anarchy and REAL political solutions.

Cynthia was just one of the amazing and inspiring speakers at the event this year. This was my first year at Anarchapulco and I can say that it was one of the best things I have ever been to (and I've been to a LOT of big events). Stay tuned as I will be posting other interviews with people I met there and video/blog musings on my (very peaceful) experience with Anarchy :-)

I must say that there is something really incredibly healing about Acapulco. I know that I myself have felt called to those magical cyan blue waters for about the past 8 years since my son was born. I did manage to get to waters that color in Laguna Beach for a little while. Laguna is one of the main places where I grew up, and there is only one beach there with water that color - at the Montage Hotel, but when I was in High School that site was a trailer park - times change.

But no water has called to me like the waters in Acapulco. Of course I swam in the ocean there and was really happy to find that there were some good waves with a strong break. I missed going to sleep with the motion of the surf still lingering in my blood.

So being in Acapulco felt like going home on some very profound level. And the color of that water reflects the heartbeat of Mother Earth, it is the color of the love of Gaia. Swimming there was like swimming in the heart of the earth. And being among the people who feel like my tribe was a deeply, profoundly safe and amazing experience.

Astrologically there was definitely something magical about the week I spent there as we were under both a Venus-Neptune Eclipse and then a Venus-Chiron Eclipse (in Helio charts). Any eclipse is 4 times as powerful as a normal aspect or conjunction and both of these are incredibly beneficial for many, many things. Just a few of the things that such aspects are good for include: igniting the higher ideals of money, art and beauty, connecting with people of your soul family/tribe and starting long-term ventures especially with any overseas, humanitarian or healing element to them.

So, when I say I was among my soul tribe, I mean it. I also believe that the connections and friendships started at this event will have massive long-term and world changing impact. The people who were called to this event this year were called for a deeper purpose and we need each other to accomplish those purposes.

To everyone who was there; follow your bliss and the contacts you made there, make your plans a reality, the world needs you!

To anyone who was not there - what are you waiting for? I hope to see you next year :-)

And here's a link to some info on why it only takes 1% of population to make REAL LASTING POSITIVE CHANGE:

Yes, Anarchists can (and will) change the world.

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Thanks for doing this interview. I enjoyed it and found it heartening. Just a thought but you might consider updating her Wikipedia page with a blurb on how her views have shifted, possibly with a link to this video as support. Would be good for others to come across.


Hey, that's a great idea! I will definitely do it.

She has been so inspiring and worked so hard against this corrupt system for so long, it is easy to just see her as another statist when the truth is that she has now realized that there is a real workable alternative.


She still seems a bit hesitant............................................... I have been following her closely since she hooked up with Robert David Steel and that #UNRIG fiasco. I do NOT believe she embraces "self-ownership" 100% just yet... along with the subsequent need for private property in the absolute sense. And no one seems to know how to pin her down in convo.

Terrific interview. Please see related response in your posting about the time share unit rentals. I think between you, Cynthia and a few other influential women in the Anarcho movement, we can figure out how to overcome this:
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