Anarchapulco 2018 ! from a mexican viewpoint

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By Agustin Prieto
Torreón, Mexico.

I won´t write a long article, eventhough I have material for a long one.

This is my second time in Anarchapulco, I am glad the movement is growing very fast, more people, more connections, more opportunities, more learning... I am sad because we were just a few mexicans, I counted like 7. I really hope next year, more mexicans can benefit from this congress..... to me is the best congress I have ever attended to. And I know many friends can say the same thing.....

Congratulations to all of Jeff Berwick´s team on making Anarchapulco possible. I am ready for 2019.

I loved a lot of conferences, very useful information. I was lucky enough to make new friends and to party like never before.

I never dance, and thanks to a new friend Milanpreet, I learned some moves. I enjoyed the parties a lot, really had a great time.... I am including some pictures.... they say more than words....

Some names in the pics: Jeff Berwick, Adam Williams, Lotte, Jake Bryan, Sterlin and Cecilia Lujan, Roger Ver, Marina Bello, Milanpreet and Akshay, Sandy and Jeremy, Marina Resnik, Erika Harris, Manya and Fred?, Josh Sigurdson, Eric July, Bix Weir, Mike Maloney, Ron Paul, JP, Phillip Pereida, Evelin and Matt, Benny Wills, Max Igan, Miriam, Amanda and Larken, Paul Puey, Tiffany Hayden, and many many more names...

anarchapulco 1.jpeg
Anarchapulco 2.jpeg
Anarchapulco 3.jpeg
Anarchapulco 5.jpeg
Anarchapulco 6.jpeg!
Anarchapulco 7.jpeg
Anarchapulco 8.jpeg
Anarchapulco 9.jpeg
Anarchapulco 11.jpeg
Anarchapulco 10.jpeg
Anarchapulco 12.jpeg
Anarchapulco 13.jpeg
Anarchapulco 15.jpeg
Anarchapulco 16.jpeg
Anarchapulco 18.jpeg
Anarchapulco 19.jpeg
Anarchapulco 21.jpeg

Thanks to my friends for making this possible...
@terrybrock @dollarvigilante @maceytomlin @riceowladam @sterlinluxan

See you all in 2019 !!! Enjoy our beautiful Mexico....

For those friends that don´t know about Anarchapulco..... visit and go to Acapulco in 2019... you will not regret it....

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I have been in Mexico for six years and consider myself a Mexican. My girlfriend is from Puebla and we attended together. So you can add to more! We would have loved meeting you. Perhaps next time or sooner. If you ever visit Chiapas send me a message! Salut!


keep in touch. [email protected] and in facebook I am as Agus Prieto. We must hang out next year in Anarchapulco....

7 Mexicans!! when some of you could have literally WALKED THERE? ow. Is there any Libertarian movement in your nation?


It is starting I think.... we need more mexican anarchists.... lets hope next year we have more mexicans involved...


It looks like you had a wonderful time, @agusstin. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. Next year, perhaps!


Yes, next year !! it will be better each year....

Was great to finally meet you man! :)


Yes Josh !! It was a pleasure to meet you in person, next time we must talk more... you were so busy hahaha

We hope that we can go for the next one. Greetings from Yucatan.


Yes, you must go next year.... you can make friends for life with similar values and philosophy..... it is awesome !!! El mejor congreso en mi humilde opinión.....


Defenitivamente Agustin. Esperamos que nuestros paisanos se envuelvan en todo esto.
Estamos viviendo un increíble momento en la historia de este planeta. Los Cryptos es una gran oportunidad de cómo esta economía va a girar. Bueno, espero que la hayas pasado padre en la conferencia. Saludos cordiales.