8 Great Reasons To Get Your Anarchaforko Ticket Now!

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As you've probably heard, Anarchapulco is SOLD OUT. People who bought their airfare and booked their hotel ahead of time, and just now went to register for the conference are highly motivated to get their hands on a conference ticket. USD$1,000 offers make it hard to compete in this small, competitive market, where the desired item is so scarce.

Fortunately, Anarchaforko tickets are available, and here are 8 great reasons you should get yours now:


Hands down, what people seem to most deeply enjoy about anarchist conferences, is the people. And the chance to mix and mingle ideas, theories, pitches, collaborations. Heck, maybe even love! If you object to being governed, you are part of a deli-thin sliced piece of people-pie. Gather where there will already be at least 1,200 others as weird as you. :-)


This can be low-pressure. There's no need to import formality and uptightness, (unless you want/like that.) But you'll be among friends, so what better venue to try something you've been nervous to try, if you're new at your thing. Or experiment and stretch yourself, if you're already great at your thing. Check out Lily's photo-shoot of the intended space. That should help you envision what can be.


This is the first Anarchaforko, and that makes it very special in its novelty. It also means those who participate are shaping, forming and contributing somewhat to future Anarchaforko's, with the precedent you create.


I wrote all about that HERE.


Considering how many minds cannabis has helped heal and liberate, it is appropriate that a forked anarchist conference show its support of a patron plant that grows to empower its people. (If only the people would not fight and reject its gift!) It's been announced that there will be a:

Cannabis related day: Featuring dabs and things cannabis and freedom related, we’re having at least one cannabis centric event


Ever since I sniffed out pinene as the thing I so loved in the cannabis strain named after Jack Herer, I have been into terpenes. I'm especially interested in how they help us transform our body, mind, and behaviors. So I'm doing as @lily-da-vine asked us to do, which is blog about our idea. Basically, I wanna share what I've learned about this bio-hack, and the role it plays in our personal freedom and biological best.


A self-organizing event like this doesn't have all the gaps filled in. We, the participants, help fill in the bulk of those gaps. Embarking on anything that has a higher degree of uncertainty -- like a DIY experience/event -- asks us to be more resourceful, flexible and even more vulnerable than we're probably used to. I believe it is good to exercise this aspect of our humanness. In a friendly 'sandbox', in which we can try new things!



So, get your Anarchaforko ticket.

Then, do or create something you've always wanted to.

THIS is the space and time to DO that thing.

Share your idea in a Steemit post, or on the Anarchaforko Facebook page.

I hope to geek out on Terpenes + Transformation for goodness sake, lol

So niche topics are fine, I'd think.

Showing an unexpected side of yourself would be wonderful!

Anarchy is not just a curriculum of books read, videos watched, or debates won. Freedom is in doing. IN LIVING.

What do free people long to experience with other free people? In addition to talking about crypto and conspiracies. How about some play? Art? Co-Creation? Edu-tainment?

I have a friend who draws, and wants to resume it with some seriousness. I hope he sees the opportunity here to create an event around his re-kindled love of drawing. Maybe hold an instructional class for beginners... or a draw-and-drum, percussive-paint combo kinda thing where visual artists and musicians do their thing in happy unison... or Or OR... (I hope it's okay to put you on the spot like that, @layl! 😊 And the rest of you, friends coming up... lol)

I would LOVE to hear @maceytomlin sing, or play her violin. My fingers are crossed that @davidrobison will break out his guitar. And I can't wait to hear @larkenrose and @dragonanarchist make their music together! Oh, and I definitely hope for an encore vocal performance from @lesliestarrohara.

Music is a tremendous gift, but there are others, too... like anarcho-comedy. If we are lucky, @kieranpearson will grab a mic, and let his hilarious truth bombs drop. And I wouldn't be surprised to find plenty of spoken word talent within @j3551c4, who has a power-full way with words. Jessica can make crooked things, str-aight! lol And I love her air-clearing gift.

Would @kevinvincent give a tennis clinic?? Could we convince Kelsie Blu to share her gorgeous Middle Eastern Dance with us?? @stevenlytle would like to connect with other speakers of Esperanto. How about seeing if there's any interest in an Esperanto Meetup or language class? @jasonhenza, how about a micro-brewing talk or demonstration?

Many of these things could happen organically and spontaneously. And many of them would need some structure and planning.

But the fun and exciting possibilities here are limited only by our imagination.

And imaginations are not intended to be limited!

So I hope you truly GO WILD in your dreaming and scheming what kind of thing, craft, food/beverage, idea, strategy, technique, hack, song, story, theory, philosophy, game, vision, invention, choreography, poem, essay, massage, etc. you choose to share at this special gathering, made by its participants.

💜 Get your Anarchaforko ticket. 💜

Buying your ticket through my affiliate link directly supports me via a fee I'll be rewarded. After you buy your ticket, you will receive your own affiliate number, and you are encouraged to do the same! Thank you for reading, and letting your imagination run free!

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