Anarchaforko Day 1.....Come fly with me!

in anarchaforko •  2 years ago 

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yo @broncnutz! Nice meeting you at Anarchapulco and thanks for telling me abt VICE. Just added you to my auto voter at 100% and reclaiming all of my delegated SP.

Likewise sir! Hope to see you again next year as well. I'll be voting for ya.

WOW!!! A beautiful place to relax. Have a nice time! Moods in joy)) And the music in the video perfectly suits your mood in this place !!!

2wow this place is really so amazing and beautiful i just fly with by watching this video great beach, food and scenarios really enjoy full hope you had enjoying alot there at Anarchaforko the amazing place for the holiday destination ....
although it's small you know that surprises always comr with small packet so be cool about the small and enjoy the time you had get 😉😉
smartcash really made this come true amazing, it's all because you are so good on video a making and you really a so entertaining person @broncnutz always been enjoyed your videos

Your lobster video was awesome! Glad you got rewarded for it. The Cobacabana looks very nice. I bet the food will be delicious. I love Mexican food! Enjoy your fun in the sun... before you have to go back to shoveling!

@broncnutz sir...
Fristly inform to you that is wonderful and interesting videography...full proffesional sir...
Back ground sounds is amazing....I'm really like it...
I think "COPACABANA" is amazing hotel for rest our life...
Large and beautiful swiming pool with near the beach...such a wonderful combination for fantastic exeperience...
Totaly smart work sir...and I'm always trust your words...and I'm trust smart cash...

It's beautiful place and video too, thanks for sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow, you are really cool buddy.Looks like lots of fun. Well, life is about fun.Interesting post.

Hey man! seems you are having good times over there!!
I don't know if you saw it but there is a SmartCash vote going on on Binance for "community coin of the month". If we win => free listing on Binance!! You can check it here:
SmartCash team is offering some nice prizes as well for people who will vote!! It would be so great if you can make a steemit post about it!
Take care and keep enjoying your trip!

great's look so cool.
thanks for sharing

cool bro have a nice day n i love to fly with u 😊

That's cool dude, but remember its winter and water can be cold to beared.
Nice post by the way loved to see you diving

Ooh it’s awesome, looking cool.... i would love to Fly with you
So @broncnutz, when will you invite me?

haha!! You are lOOking sooOoo cOOL Sir in pound, lOOking have a great fun
I enjoyed to watch your video it's so amazing :p so cute
Love the background music in your every video its awesome cool.

Man the dip in the water was epic ,you could be casted in the next baywatch movie haha. Go pro is soo cool but some vapor got inside your lense but it will dry off. The places were looking mind blowing especially the beach and the sea .sooo wanna go there haha its really amazing to hear your good opinion about that palace which is going to encourage people to travel and choosing it over detroit,Michigan is a huge deal. You are meeting new and amazing people,most of all enjoy yourself being open and optimistic about everything but not having too much expectations like a wise man you are. The video is amazing and your presentation is cool as always and the six minutes passed like a minute and yup we are staying tuned for the next video cause you have got something special stored for us hehe .thanks for sharing abd you look badass. Put this song called this is how we do by katy perry in your next video cause this is how you do .

Woooooh looks like your having a great fun there? @broncnutz have fun :D

Starting music and scenario really fascinating for me. Your given information really impressed me. Thank you very much for sharing this videos with us. Screenshot_20180222-125148.png I am also your youtube subscriber.

i got so interested by the thumbnail that i left everything i was doing and watched your video first today and trust me you just made my day :)

Man oh man loved this video i am jumping in joy right now you are using the best possible way for your go pro :)

that's what we were missing today awesome fun from the Anarchaforko yo yo

well good to hear anarchaforko Day 1 and also a beautifull song and place in your video i think time to enjoy with you smart broncnutz with smart cash i today investment in smart cash is more better than some others becaue i am seeing some more benefits to pick smarth cash as compare to others

@broncnutz Good Job with Old Blue Eyes...........

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hahaha nice ok we are ready to fly with you broncnutz with the smart cash i think smartcash is really a good choice and sound of smart cash is good and an attractive coin , last some days the grwoth of smart cahs was good and hope in next days it will grow up with many x
enjoy there @broncnutz and keep it up with smart cash

I smell a giveaway 🤑

ahaaaa my man This place is really amazing. supernatural beauty. love it. and yeah extremely waiting for tomorrow video. hope we get an awesome info in your tomorrow video.

Right on! Looks like a blast! Crypto reporting had never been so much fun!

what a great experience today you are ruling the beach today :)

How I wish I have a water resistance phone to copy what you just did....hmmm

Finally the work load seem to have calm down a little and you are enjoying the adventures :)

I'm doubling down on that area being a place you return to for vacation/retirement. A little fud by the good ol' US can't rain on your parade. It looks like you're having a good time transforming into aquanutz.

We're glad you made it to Copacabana and having a blast of a time there. Yes, it's small, but that beach is calling for you!
Hopefully, the Anarchaforko hosted by SmartCash will be informative and entertaining.
Keep sippin' on those cocktails too ;) we would choose Anarchapulco over Detroit (no offence Detroit) twice on Sundays too!

Sure....I come fly with you @broncnutz....Anarchaforko beach awesome place to enjoy. I saw you was enjoyed there very well. Excellent video presentation you shared community.
Exactly you're a hero in steemit for lot of users.

Man.. It's a beautiful beach. The hotel is no so big small. best of luck for the conference. have fun. waiting for your tomorrows clip.

wow.... such amazing @broncnutz, feel happiness

Cool montage at the beginning. Glad you’re having a good and safe time!

Finally !! The thing Im looking forward most in your video series @broncnutz.

Coupled with Jazz .. puts me in a vacation mood.... The beach is just stunning. two giant beds.... wow!

cant wait for tomorrow

Which camera do you use sir because I am also thinking about starting making videos on dtube so any suggestions for me @broncnutz??

GoPro works very easy with Dtube. I love GoPro

Thanks @broncnutz for your reply this is what makes you more big because you help each and everyone......

Wow, Anarchaforko!!!

It made my day #broncnutz, the princes's hotel was cool, what an amazing start with a fast running car, and background music, and a beautiful hotel reception, and a fascinating sea view, the drink made me trill anyway.
You are right there is no compromise for a better living place,
yeah smart cash rapidly growing in those days, and i think you also satisfy with it, today its a lot of inspiration to watch out the video...
I am badly waiting for your tomorrow video.
thanks a lot its your videos always inspiring me, much enthusiastic and indeed to us.
Blessed you...
Steem On...

Awesome video @broncnutz

Love the positivity! Seems like you are having a blast down there! Fantastic, enjoy it man!

Copacabana is a nice place, I wish I can come and fly with you to that place. It is so beautiful, smartcash is really giving you an early vacation. I love the intro, but I can't really see your face. I would love to contest in the next smartcash contest, I want to go to Acapulco too.

That's gorgeous video creating @broncnutz...You always stay with fun and enjoy. Most stunning video to me with travel attraction. I recommend anarchaforko is best place to travel. Beautiful beach entire here. Thanks giving to shared post sir.

@broncnutz, Awesome creativity. You dive under the sea without mask. Lol.... Heavy breathing :D
Sensational video creations. Absolutely brilliant work.

Yet another day in paradise!! It may be smaller but the Copacabana looks stunning. Your video of the resort is awesome but it’s not doing anything for my jealousy. Hahahaha What a great reward!! Totally deserved, that lobster video was awesome! Be sure to get everyone logging in on Binance and voting for SmartCash to be added to the exchange!!! Have a great time and see ya tomorrow. Ea

great video of sweaming pool and all the pool and people are great

I would also rather be in Acapulco than Detroit! : ) I don't know how you can refrain from singing At The Copa - and passion is always in fashion at The'll fall in love. : )

Smart cash is really changing the way people used to use cash ....@broncnutz you are really promoting their projects very well hope smartcash reaches new heights!!

@broncnutz Woohoo great video bro... And the water of the beach was so clear.. Couldn't see your face while you were speaking. Anyways great man.

he probably said 719 west west underwater! haha

Wow...amazing videography again by @broncnutz sir...
This hotel is amazing...back ground song is interesting sir...
Actualy I'm new comer in to this platform...I'm always try learn something with every posts...
Followed now U sir....I'm become ur fan now...I'm always try check ur blog everyday...specialy I can learn about crypto followed ur videos...

And I'm really like final moment in this video...
Thanks sir..

The Copa looks awesome but beer in a can might be a deal breaker - lol

SmartCash seems to have updated the web wallet and it looks great. Its really nice to see real progress and not just something written about the future plan. Glad your having fun down there looks like a beautiful area. Very interested to here what you learn from the SmartCash team.

Nice Shots! See you there next year!!!!

Excellent video to saw today nice experiences in the city there at the beach too :)

@broncnutz you would make a great James Bond character!

the best part of the day is your video huge fan of your blog

damn it look so amazing ...

Beautiful video dear Denver

I really like to dive, let alone have reef fish, they are very beautiful ..

Seems like you are having real fun. 👏👏👏

Enjoying all the updates from Acapulco! This is turning into an epic vacation, can't wait to see the "secret little surprise" that you have cooked up for tomorrow (or is today already?). And congrats on the lobster video @broncnutz.

Thanks for sharing i will done up vote I always see your post. And follow you @broncnutz

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wow that's cool.look like lots of enjoy and i want to fly with you
nice video

wow great post.. lovely moment..thanks for your post.

O thats so cool I want that too, wanna fly up high and high till i reach my dreamed destination. Every time you come up with a post its something new and remarkable

Video file currepted

Terrific today's vlog was epic experiences from there so cool just chilling around that's life :D nice...I want to goooo

wow that's great to see you excited hope you are enjoying alot at anarchapulco @broncnutz

Hehe...I see you're having fun. Good to see that.


this post is good 😜

This is really a lot of fun

Genial amigo, saludos.

fun at its best this is very interesting to look forward to its nice to see thanks for sharing :)

Have a safe trip man...

Wow.......... This place is really so amazing and beautiful i just fly with by watching this video great beach,,,,,,,, food and scenarios really enjoy full hope you had enjoying alot there at Anarchaforko the amazing place for the holiday destination ........
Best of luck.............

fun on another level today enjoy and keep sharing :)

Great n super cool ! Have a nice day !!

You are looking so cool. Spend life by putting your worries on one side as you are enjoying 😊

Its very interesting video post for me...great dear go ahead
information thank for resteem...

great camera, art and creativity, thank you

I also wanna fly with you!!

Very good and amazing vidioe by @broncnutz

wow good post,,,,,This video is very nice in the water,

making fun and enjoy with underwater.

encouraging & fantastic!

Am I the only one who was searching for the underwater part of the video to realize it was only thumbnail? anyone?

Great post mate 👏😎

@broncnutz i enjoyed the video hell alot
ur title should have been
come live your life with me
its not just flying
its actually living the life @broncnutz

We have the honor to fly with you mate you are doing great

Thank you for posting @broncnutz.

Loads of enthusiasm here. Well done.

Wishing you all the best. Cheers.U5drE9YPZVNE9MVpsdUGxP8qxoZX3c2.gif