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Hello Steemians,
After a very long time i Finally founded the way to help people with the cryptocurrency . There is a unique way through which you can both increase your financial portfolio as well contribute the society for there proper growth....

I am really Thankful to ananas foundation who make this thing happens .....

So lets check out what actually a Anacoin is how ananas foundation work to :Fight Hate With Technology"

If you dont want to spend time in reading the context, take a look at the will help you out

What is Ananas?

Ananas is a non profit foundation committed to promoting peace and fighting hate
through technology.

We are building an interactive platform that models the ontologies of ideologies,
providing easy to use tools that can be used to better understand key texts. Our
platform creates authoritative resources around which communities can gather and
our aim for the future is to make accurate digital texts accessible to everyone.
We are doing this because the information age is threatening to fall into an age of
misinformation. Fake news and alternative facts seem more popular than peace and
truth. A new era of understanding is required.

How does Ananas work?
Society is filled with an immense diversity of cultures and communities, each with
unique ways of looking at the world, of how things work and should be. While this can
enrich culture, modern times have shown these differences can also lead to conflict.

At Ananas we are building a platform to promote understanding of your own
community or that of others and we believe that the best way to understand others is
to simply talk to them. While you might start with a very different view of the world, if
you find a common language and perspective, you can usually get a far better grasp of
their views than reading something lacking in context from an unverified source.

Part of our platform is designed to connect users with real life individuals from defined
communities, as well as connecting with experts in key areas. To augment this we are
also providing a digital resource to access contextual information.

We are also offering users a framework that the likes of Google and Facebook have
built from your data to target you for adverts. We will use this framework to facilitate
mutual understanding and knowledge. To do this, we had to create a structure that was
comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative.

What makes Ananas different?

By collating all available resources and commissioning new ones guided by the
community in an intelligent manner, Ananas will be far more comprehensive than any
other competing platform or product, rapidly scaling beyond the ability of any
individual human and putting everything in one common data format.
The value of the platform will go up exponentially as it matures, meaning that the value
of the Anacoins used to sponsor, direct and pay for research on the platform could also
go up as the amount of information and analysis off the platform decreases. Ananas
will be providing contextual, subjective information in an objective manner to provide
easy accessibility for everyone.

Ananasis up to date
Information must be up to date, as research and information for ideologies will only
continue to grow. Consistency with the latest findings is essential for accurate
knowledge. Real time updates are not only helpful but how today’s information is
valued and followed.

Ananas can stay consistently up to date through editorialised crowdsourcing and
commissioning while rewarding those that help augment the platform in a positive
way. Status on the platform will be a key driver of this and we can monitor community
activity to remain on the cutting edge and respond to demand for certain information.

Ananasis authoritative
Content must be accurate and vetted in order to be published online for our users. We
believe in only providing information that is reliably sourced. A major issue with
existing resources or using Google for religious information is that often times the
information can be coming from anywhere, and with trolls on the internet, can easily
give someone who doesn’t know anything information that could sway their
perception. For instance, if someone is vulnerable to extremism, fragmented
information will only help them to be indoctrinated.

Anacoin initial allocation

The supply of Anacoins is limited to one billion (1,000,000,000), an amount we believe
will allow for appropriate distribution across the global population as the platform
The planned initial allocation of Anacoin is as follows:

2%,​ ​20,000,000​ ​-​ ​Bounties​ ​and​ ​sale​ ​costs
Email us if you’d like to help. We especially need translators and community
organisers. Details can be found in our bounty bitcointalk thread.
Copyright © 2017 The Ananas Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

8%,​ ​80,000,000​ ​-​ ​Team.

Team Anacoins are frozen until the following two conditions are met:
i) Time:​ ​At least 1 year has passed from the main sale start date,

ii) Market:​ ​the Anacoin market cap has passed $100 million and daily traded value $1
million a day on a thirty day average on or equivalent (excluding
any placements), at which point 25% (20,000,000 Anacoins) are unfrozen. Once the
market cap exceeds $500 million and the daily traded $10 million a day on a thirty day
average (excluding any placements), the remaining 75% (60,000,000 Anacoins) are
We believe this is a superior model to timed release as, when things are calmed down
after a year, the market will reward (or otherwise) value creation on the platform.

7.5%​ ​ ​75,000,000​ - Early​ ​funders​ ​&​ ​advisors
Of the funder’s coins, (36%) will be available immediately, and (64%) are locked for 1
year. The advisors’ coins will vest equally for a 25 month period, starting from the end
of the token distribution.

15%,​ ​150,000,000​ ​-​ ​ ​Main​ ​crowdsale​ ​(18th of September)

Coins will be at 50 coins per dollar ($0.02 each), with distribution to contributors
calculated at the end-of-day exchange rate for the chosen currency relative to the
The main sale will have a hard cap of $3 million as we believe this is sufficient to build
the core of the platform over the next 18 months to a high quality. There is a soft-cap
of $1.5 million. Half of this round will be for institutional investors and half in a
crowdsale depending on demand.

60%,​ ​600,000,000​ ​-​ ​Foundation’s​ ​Strategic​ ​Fund
The Ananas Foundation retains 60% of the float as a strategic resource, which will be
allocated to major contributors (excluding staff and advisors) and carefully chosen
partnerships. This strategic resource will be used for the sole purpose of improving the
platform and ecosystem, which is in the interests for all involved parties.

Bitcointalk: rahul10948;u=1178986

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