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 At the end of 2018, I had an idea of  “simple one-page website” for stable coin analysis. The idea has grown into something more. We made a stable coin (so far only dollars) scanner!
The main issuers are connected: Tether (Omni, Ethereum and Tron blockchain are scanned), USD Coin, TrueUSD, Paxos, DAI, Gemini, Stable USD, Synth sUSD.
In the current implementation:
🔸 The concept of “CryptoDollar Dominance” has been introduced and this indicator is tracked;
🔸 The tabular form shows the share of each issuer of the stable coin, trading volumes, capitalization, turnover and supply change in the number of crypto dollars;
🔸 On the charts you can see in dynamics the number of crypto-dollars of each issuer, as well as its share relative to all crypto-dollars.
Daily changes:
🔸 You can see how many stable coins were minted and burned in the last 24 hours and for each day separately, taking into account the number of transactions in the blockchain. You can also filter issuers and dates;
🔸 In the form of a graph, the dynamics of Stable Coins by a specific issuer for the period selected by the user is displayed.
Transaction page:
🔸 Each issue and burning of stable Coins is accompanied by a transaction that can be checked in the blockchain;
🔸 Filter by dates and issuers. The table shows the date of the transaction, the issuer, the number of crypto dollars burned or created, the current number of crypto dollars from the issuer. Each transaction has a link.

The service can be used for analytical purposes and during making trading decisions. For example, a trading robot, when receiving data on the issue of $ 20 million, may make a speculative decision on the purchase of top cryptocurrencies. For these purposes, we plan to implement an API for bots + Telegram-bot for traders.

The service logic was thought out in tandem with Gromov Yevgeny. Also he made all the technical implementation of the project. Designer and frontend developer were attracted to outsourse.

Some screenshots:


Looking forward to receiving feedback. Also we сonsider options for cooperation.

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