Weekly overview of the Analysis category - Week 43, 2018

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This is my first weekly overview post of the Analysis category at @utopian-io. The report aims to provide insight into the topics covered, the scores provided, staff picks (if any), and a look at how the current week has fared against recent weeks gone by. Any other work taking place and my personal thoughts in relation to the category will also be included.

If you have any suggestions for additional information that could be included in this report, please comment below


Analysis contributions summary

  • Week 43: October 19th - 25th, inclusive
  • No 'staff picks' this week
  • 3 contributions, 3 unique contributors
  • An average score for the week of 76
  • An average of 14 comments per contribution

This weeks contributions

lokomotionAnalysis of the savings feature763
paulagSteem Bidbot business income analysis7428
miniature-tigerSteem dapps analysis September 20187912

lokomotion's analysis on the usage of the 'Savings' feature in the Steem 'Wallet' concludes that this feature is used by < 20 of all accounts, and has more usage by smaller accounts. The reviewer suggests that larger accounts may prefer liquidity over security, as any savings take 72 hours to withdraw. This contribution scored well in all areas.

paulag takes a look at the income of Bidbots in 2018 and reports that '26.21% of Curation Rewards claimed are paid to Bidbots' and 'on average for the year to date 19.01% of all Authors rewards claimed were sent to Bidbots'. She also presents the fall in Bidbot usage, but finds that ' 19.5% of all vests paid from the rewards pool (in 2018) ended up in the hands of Bidbot owners'. Much the same as the first contribution, this piece of work also scored well in each metric.

miniature-tiger provides a monthly analysis on the state of play with regards to the dApps. This includes a look at the popularity of each app with regards to author, post counts and a focus on dApps showing good growth, and a look at new dApps arriving on the Steem blockchain. The reviewer wrote that 'while not necessarily needed for the distribution of the dapps, the analysis of the general posting and payout activity across the HF is a great addition to put the results into context'. Again, this contribution scored well in all of the assessment criteria.

In summary, each contribution scored well and was given a mark between 74 and 79. All three contributions were 'based on a similar analysis' which likely prevented the totals from being higher. That said, all three were of a solid standard.

Analysis and visual reporting

The aim of this section is to represent the current weeks activity along with a recent set of data. Initially, this data has been collated from the previous 4 weeks (including this past week), but this data-set will grow as we move forward.

Week Average Score and number of Contributions

An average score of 76.3 this week is almost 2% higher than the four week average of 74.7. Three contributions is equal to the four week average.

Contributor Totals and Average Score

paulag heads the contributor table with 5 contributions over the past four weeks, but 4 contributors show a higher average score for their work.

Contributions that did not receive a score are not included in the charts above.

Review Totals by Reviewer (Scored/Unscored)

Two reviewers assessed all twelve contributions that received a score in the past four weeks, crokkon taking the lead on the only un-scored submission.

All contribution categories

This final chart gives a weekly comparison of all the @utopian-io contribution categories. 9 categories received less than 10 contributions this week, and Analysis was one of those. With an average contribution score of 76 for the week, Analysis was the 4th best scoring category.

Other items

This week I have been working on the tasks assigned to redevelop the contributor and reviewer guides for the Analysis category. I have recently altered the status of these tasks to 'done'. https://utopian-io.atlassian.net/browse/UC-114

This is the first time I have used this 'agile' tool and I found it useful in keeping track of tasks. However, I suspect there will be minor edits to make to the document, both in the text and with regards to the amendments 'on the right hand side'. I think the document is readable by all, and so please take a look if you are interested in the updated guidelines for the category.

When this work is completed and signed off, these guidelines will then feed into the task to update the reviewer questionnaire. I am looking forward to working on this and hope the output will give the moderators greater flexibility when scoring contributions.

In less than two weeks, I will be attending Steemfest 3, and hope to meet more of the @utopian-io team.



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This is an excellent first weekly post for your category. The relatively low volume of posts allows you to address each post in the summary, which is nice. The graphs are both handsome and informative. Well done!

Please note that while I haven't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Hey @didic

Thanks for the feedback. It's true that whilst the numbers are low, I can make the effort to give a short review on each contribution, I hope that in time the category grows again but think that if this is the case, I'll not have the time to give them all a short write-up.

Then I can focus a bit more on some of the data metrics, but hopefully there will be a good mix of text/charts in the report each week.

Thanks again



Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 9 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Analysis remains the jewel of utopian:)


heh :)

I think there needs to be an uplift in contributions before we can suggest that. The quality is generally good though, and with Hivemind/Communities here, and a likely chance of many open source dApps arriving, I suspect there will be plenty to look at and assess :)


These would all be Steem based and related to the blockchain where the user base overlaps. I would like to see analyses for projects that do not necessarily store data on the Steem blockchain.


Yes they would, but plenty of interesting new topics to explore.

I did think about a possible bonus question to the Analysis questionnaire, for a little extra reward for going further than the Steem blockchain.

Do you have anything you'd like some eyes on?


There are a lot of things to analyze. It just require some skills .... maybe some tutorials how to do them... I know there is already some explanations, but more is always better :)


There are lots online, I think the skills can be learned away from Steem - but always good to try your hand here too :)

@Steemitblog is looking for some good writers who can write good content about the technical aspect....i thought to share your name but its better to ask first...so shall i?

Here is the link to their post


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I saw the post actually and did wonder for a moment. Enough knowledge of the protocol is what I think I lack - that and a good proofreader :)

You can put my name down if you like though!

Probably not technical enough, but this is the last piece I took a fair amount of time over: https://steemit.com/iamutopian/@abh12345/a-look-at-the-review-process-or-analysis-questionnaire-ideas-and-suggestions-1536909029125


Thats sound good...going for it...there is no harm..and you have better insight than other..... Thanks for sharing the link around...👍

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Thanks for thinking of me! :D

Very succinct and insightful coverage, thanks!



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Did you know that 4.50% from the upvote value of this post goes to.... I would guess utopian-io. Cause I can't imagine anyone else that would get this.


I've set a beneficiary of 6 % so it could well be less :)


That's most likely then the curation fee being deducted.

But you did that yourself? I wasn't familiar with this phenomenon until today. But I now learned that 10% of actifit rewards goes to the actifit account.

Since I saw the 4.5% benificary for your utopian-io posts I figured that utopian-io claims a small part of the upvote value. But this is something you did?


Yes I did it via https://steeditor.app

You can't set beneficiaries with steemit.com, and I don't think it's possible with busy and many other UI's


Can I also wonder who receives it? And why?

Or am I being too nosy then?