Earn FREE dogeCoins for Steem Members GIVEAWAY # 4#

in amzar123 •  4 months ago

FREE dogeCoins for Steem Members GIVEAWAY # 4#

Earn FREE dogecoins GIVEAWAY # 4#

chance to win# 300# FREE# doge coins for 10 winners follow steem channel and twitter channel ,upvote this post, resteem this post and leave your doge address in a comment below.

follow steem channel.

follow twitter channel you must follow the twitter channel.



leave your doge address in a comment below include twitter username.

we choose 10 winners on 2018/08/28




upvote follow resteem.gif

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Twitter Handle: @ImOwaisAB
Dogecoin Address:

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@amzar123 done
Address : DKybAQnz7RnSG4GkU1WhWD5nktE4mgkjoi


@amzar123 done



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Hello @amzar123 please how did you select the persons who got the doge coin as i was one of the first 3 who did the tasks

Thanks for your understanding


you didnt post your twitter username

read instructions


Okay thamks for the clearification @amzar123 you're kind.

And for the #5# dogecoin giveaway is it a must to delegate sp?
As i cant yet delegate sp, someone delegated to me and my sp is still very low


Okay thanks @amzar

You got a 8.03% upvote from @dailyupvotes courtesy of @amzar123!



pls send address start in D dogecoin address


sorry)) it is valid address - DPtq6CopqoDWWKHMNF8cKUy9dcbsFNMLMz



Done! Adress: DAaUd9xBda45vezrJcmSbZkvQo2EJKDoZB

https://twitter.com/vasilstefanov8 - Someting went wrong with my previous account, and I've made a new one!

all done. i dont use twitter. upvote follow resteem done


Upvote, Resteem, I'm following you in the Twitter channel.
Here is the address for the twitter: - https://twitter.com/DyakovaGalia
My Address on DogeCoin: D7giHDHrSgK7Y16xaFcsFUEBYXB69Ptkmj
Thank you!

All tasks done. tweeter username: sayeds56

Doge coin address: A4NCC9eJYYRhZ2Ztb7sRzujgQCiimjH2vA




Hello @amzar123 sorry to ask, but whydidnt i get any coin, i was one of the fisrt 4persons who did the task.

A little fair explanation will do. Thamks @amzar


you didnt follow all instructions

you need to post your twitter username with your dogecoin address

Done bro


you cannot participate now GIVEAWAY # 4# is ended

you can get free steem

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Why is my rep so low? Thanks to @resteem.bot
Re: resteem.bot - watch out for this individual!! More info.. 📖

@amzar123 apologies for the little intrusion. Reply "@marcocasario SKIP" to turn these off for you. Thanks :)