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Hi everyone, my artist name is CAFT.

I was born near Lisbon 'Portugal', in 1989.
Around my seventh birthday, I began to move all over Europe, following my parents around I stayed some years living in Switzerland and the Netherlands,
But been living in Belgium since 2008.
All this 'moving around' from country to country has gifted me the opportunity to learn Portuguese Dutch French Spanish and English (Also a bit of Japanese from manga,and anime as the big otaku I am 🤣)
Getting to know people that have completely different cultures and values has opened up my mind in a lot of ways, and this at an early age.

The Anime4TheWorld "Hardstyle AMVs" project started back in 2009 when I combined my taste for Hardstyle + Anime and started making video edits out of it.

As the founder and artist behind the Anime4TheWorld "A4TW" Brand I'm also the director, sound & video editor, community manager and PC-administrator.
Other things I also like to do are;
Repairing and or maintaining the PC's and network (they are for general backup of all the media produced and the website).

And those are all essential roles I exercise to 'keep things running smoothly '. ( •̀ ω •́ )y

Today *A4TW is no longer just a YouTube channel, its has become the cross-platform community network where we can share enjoy and learn from each other.

One of my favorite music genre is obviously Hardstyle, but I also listen to a variety of other EDM "electronic music" in general, examples are:
Trap, Dubstep, Techno, R&B, DnB, Hardcore (aka Gabber music), these are some examples.
Anyway nice to meet you, and I hope you have a nice day ✌


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