Benifits of Amla (Indian gooseberry).

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There are lots of benefits of amla when you used it both internally and externally.

1.) It has a high amount of iron contents which help in to increase hemoglobin in the body and restore the iron deficiency symptoms.

2.) The high amount of vitamin C which help in fighting with free radicals and help us to keep away the blood pressure problem and help to check diabetes because it contains a small amount of chromium.

3.)Improve sexual function and increase blood flow to lower extremities help to produce to a good quality of sperm help to prevent infertility in males.

4.)Increase the repair process in the body by helping the production of collagen in the body. Second, it also helps to ward off the wrinkles in faces.

5.)Increase the repair of endolithic tissues and decrease the cholesterol level in the body. It also helps to repair the liver process.

6.)If we use the juice of amla in our hair it will be black and hair fall will be less.

7.) Help to prevent the scurvy and makes our bone strong.

8.)Helps to prevent unwanted tumors and cancers.

Side effects.
** Raw amla and powdered amla have no side effects and also but long-term use in mega doses create stones in the kidney which can be avoided if you drink lots of water.

** Those having family history of kideny stones should avoid it or consult phsyian before taking it.

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