Behind Americano Mystery

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Who was the first to discover America? Everyone knows Columbus. But do you, as a Muslim, ever think that there is no place in the world where the Muslims who ruled from distant Arabia to Europe and Africa have never set foot on this island in the Atlantic Ocean? Couldn't go? If so, why is it that Christopher Columbus was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean and discover America? Especially after the fall of the Umayyad Caliphate, when the Abbasid Caliphate was established, the era of knowledge and science of the Muslims began. Since then, there is no branch of science like medicine, philosophy, or geography in which the Muslims did not walk. In fact, the research of scientists like Galileo started from a book written by Muslims. [If anyone wants to, I can give proof] If you look at the history of Islam He wrote about the expedition when Columbus was not even born. Christopher Columbus came to this port a hundred years later and sailed his boat. He also wrote that they also did some business with the locals. According to another eminent historian, Al Idrisi, a group of Muslim sailors stopped at an unknown island after a long 31-day voyage across the Atlantic. The Muslim merchants spoke and were later released. Later, another famous traveler, the philosopher Ibn Battuta, described that at that time the rulers of the Muslim country of West Africa sent a huge fleet of 200 ships off the coast of Africa with the aim of discovering an unknown country. But luckily they could go further in the face of severe storms in the Atlantic Ocean. So Muslims knew long before Christopher Columbus that there was another island over the Atlantic Ocean that is now America. Some merchants went there and did business. So now you must have wondered why Christopher Columbus is called the inventor? Because the Muslims did not go and settle down by killing those tribals at that time. What Christopher did after he left Columbus killed all the Red Indians. Still do not remember another question? If Columbus was the first man to set foot in America, where did the Red Indians come from? They were also human beings. Because Muslims have not preached so many discoveries, others have made history by themselves. But the real history of everything is known only to those who run after history. Today's modern science is from the first door that Muslims opened to science. So those who say that Muslims just fought without knowing the history of Muslims have no contribution in science. But you look at the history of Muslims when the caliph in Baghdad Al-Mamun founded the Baitul Hikma and brought scholars from all over the world to Baghdad when translators were given gold coins to translate any book into Arabic. This was the history of Muslim science.

NB: You can read the book Lost Islamic History to go back to those days when Muslims were lost.

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