Is EVERY American an "Employee" of President Trump the C.E.O. of "The United States Corporation"?

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How many Americans were taught THIS in School? NOT many if any, at least if you went to Public School"! Maybe @lifttheveil411 was, Nathan's a pretty smart fellow indeed!
corporation 1.JPGcorporation 2.JPGcorporation 3.JPGcorporation 4.JPGcorporation 5.JPGcorporation 7.JPGcorporation 8.JPGcorporation 9.JPGcorporation 11.JPGcorporation 15.JPGcorporatio 23.JPGcorporation 10.JPGcorporation 12.JPGcorporation 13.JPGcorporation 14.JPGcorporation 17.JPGcorporation 16.JPGcorporation 19.JPGcorporation 25.JPGcorporation 24.JPGcorporation 22.JPGcorporation 26.JPGcorporation 27.JPG
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