Murder of Pregnant Woman Near Minneapolis Homeless Camp Urges My Need to Do Something

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Last night a pregnant woman was shot while sitting in a car in south Minneapolis. Doctors delivered the baby, who is now in the NICU. The mother is dead.


This occurred two blocks south of the large homeless camp firmly situated in Powderhorn Park. It's also just one block from the George Floyd Memorial. The unrest and aftermath from Floyd's killing--supposedly done to empower the marginalized--has only made life worse for these communities.

I visited the homeless camp Saturday. It's enormous. People under the influence are all over. So are children. Because of this, volunteers there strongly asked me to not record. I understand their concern for the children's privacy, but it's their health we need to be more worried about.

homeless camp.png

I can only assume social workers are trying their best to find better places for those there--particularly the families. But there seems little interest in preventing drug use, and cops are largely unwelcome.

I'll be going live on Facebook this Wednesday evening along with several Minneapolis community leaders. We're raising funds for security in these neighborhoods now dealing with the surge in violence and crime. Stay tuned for an official announcement, as well as other updates I'll try to provide about these situations.

Here's the article about the mother's death:

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