Charred Corpse Found... Seven Weeks After the Riots in Minneapolis

in #america2 months ago (edited)

Yesterday morning, cleanup crews discovered a charred corpse in a Minneapolis pawn shop burned to the ground during the riots. They believe the body belonged to an adult male.


I shared photos last week from South Minneapolis, the ruble of destroyed buildings remain for the residents of these neighborhoods six weeks after the riots. Apparently, they finally got to cleaning up this pawn shop yesterday.

This is at least the second death from the riots, both from pawn shops. The other was from a pawn shop owner shooting another man.

As the harm from these riots continues to linger and grow, so does the measure of how much of a disaster they were. And all this reveals the incredible, systemic failures in play causing and allowing them to happen.

Arguments will be about which systems are to blame (legal, educational, economic, familial, political, cultural, etc.). Whichever culprit you choose will determine how then to proceed in healing these social wounds.

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