Trump May Withdraw Aid from Puerto Rico

in america •  8 months ago

Trump tweeted that FEMA cannot remain in Puerto Rico forever. Stating they were a mess well before the hurricane destroyed them. Many residents still don't have clean water and must take shelter. Meanwhile diseases are starting to crop up and infect people.

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May God be with you.

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Surely your kidding? I am not from the USA but the whole world is watching what's happening in shock!

This is a judgment from Lord RayEl and it will continue

This is a divine judgment and chastisement from God upon a wicked people that has infected America and the world. They could have changed their fate if they would have repented... now they are seeing that the Lord is a man of his word.

I think Trump knows that MUCH worse disaster is incoming.

Those who are not with Lord RayEl are against him



The judgement of Lord RayEl is fair.