There Is Always A Way

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𓀨 There Is Always A Way 𓁿

Life is fraught with trials and peril and data. Such is life, such is taking on an ambition-

𓅓 ..and such is the online world of tech.  

I remember when I first got into the whole "tech" scene, I had literally no idea what was going on.

Actually it wasn't that long ago really. Three years ago now, and there I was on my first very own blog hosted with googles Blogger. Honestly it's a very good set up for a beginner to the tech world and I highly suggest it for anyone first dipping their foot in the water.

I looked through some of the settings.

I was like a deer caught in headlights.

" What.  .The.  .Fuck.  .Is All This Shit?.. "

 (I said to the Gods of the world wide web)

A myriad of new vocabulary was before me, and I thought I knew a lot of words.




Turns out, you can never know a "lot" of anything man made that's still in use. Think about it. As a thing is created by us and put into circulation - it evolves drastically and gets en-fluxed with chaos, and creation off of whim, inspiration, or just sheer accident LAUNCHES it off in every direction.

Take the blockchain for example. A perfect show of how the creativity of anything is as limitless as the amount of attention it gets played with by us.

𓀁 This creates even more vocabulary needed to be able to know.

𓅃 Which means even more vocabulary created that are really just useless jargon and slang words for comedy between inner circles of the niche becoming known.

𓁈 And all in all, the proud owner of "all" 151 Pokemon in the good ol' Pokemon Blue Version gets an "unexpected" twist, as he wakes up one day to find that now there are 809 Pokemon, new types, and nobody gives a Rattata's ass about who has "all" the first 151 Pokemon. (People didn't really actually care to begin with - except the proud Pokemon trainer who caught them all.)


I had taken a small online course on HTML, and got awarded a certificate for it.


𓂀 I look at the line-up list of all the programming languages there are to learn (the actual MEAT of the topic) and yeah. yup. yes. mhm. yeaahhh... That was fun to look at. 

There is always a way.

- I know right?

𓏋 There are infinite ways. It never ends. Just pick one, if it doesn't work for you it's okay because 5 more just popped up and with an infinite amount of monkeys on keyboards essentially one of them would end up typing out the King James Bible word-for-word.

And actually as daunting as that sounds, it can also be relieving if thought of in the right context. After all, that means that there is always a way through any hardship, any issue we may face. We can see that in the infinite-monkey theorem - it really all comes down to effort and how much effort we put in - in any direction we choose.

𓅊 What do we choose?

 Should I post in Medium? Or perhaps maybe Steamit?   What about Facebook? I could Tweet my Twitter-ing twot like a twat all day and the one-true and obvious fact is - I will only be a small blip that will hardly and only rarely be received of as much attention as I put into any one thing.

So what do I choose? 

What can I choose? 

What should I choose?...

Well, of course, just like Pokemon - I chose EVERYTHING.

Now of course - I don't remember half of this shit.

Hell, I probably wont even revisit most of it. I'm too busy finding new places and new sites and new ways and no hellllll no I don't use the same password for all of these, are you crazy? LMAO.

I use LastPass


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