The Sleepers Are Now Awake, [DS] Panics And Traps Themselves, Plan Advances - Episode 1819b

in ambassadors •  last month

Mark Meadows reports that the sitting Ambassadors were in on the coup to get rid of the President. Court rules in favor of Trump regarding illegal immigrants. Donna Brazile and Paul Ryan join Fox.US paratroopers eliminate IS sleeper cells, the IS surrenders in Northern Syria. Q drops more bread, the [DS] is panicking and they have now used more ammunition. The sleepers are now now waking up, the plan moves forward.

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Thanks again for all your information, Dave.

Moving the goal posts again? The WH has had all the information to reveal the truth, yet they dont, and the charade continues? I wonder if there was ever a time in history that a group of people kept holding out for hope even though they were slowly being deprived of life, liberty, and property? I wonder if one day they found themselves in a war, a ghetto, a prison, a work camp, a gulag, or at deaths door?