Busted: Thousands Of Amazon Employees Listening To Alexa Conversations

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Alexa is not the only one listening to your conversations.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Amazon has thousands of workers listening to clips of people's conversations and transcribing them.

Amazon claims this is to improve the accuracy of Alexa.

This is something that many worried about and it not a conspiracy. This is surely going to add fuel to the surveillance fire that is taking place. A sentiment is arising against these technology companies mining the data of others.

To read full story, click on image.

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Frankly, anyone stupid or careless enough to actually buy devices like this from these companies deserves this. I hope the proprietary business information of everyone using these products is successfully used against them by criminals for illicit gain.

The only things that will wake people from the stupor imposed on them by the psychological warfare techniques of the enemedia and government indoctrination are poignant loss and existential fear. The world isn't a padded cell, and anyone that wants it to be should get their very own.

The rest of us, rational and undertaking necessary steps to secure our personal felicity, could use the help a horde of enraged and highly motivated fraud victims will provide as cannon fodder. Customers for such products could only be created through public education. It's about time the shoe of deliberate stupification of our youth dropped and kicked the bucket of that entire system.

Thanks for the good news!


yup, I would be more surprised by a report that these units were not being used to spy on everything they can.

Uhm, this shouldn't be shocking to anyone. It's a listening device. Our smart phones do the same thing. If you want privacy in your own home, leave all the electronics off.

Heck, my smart phone has been turned off at night, and in the morning it will be back on. Is it being remotely turned on? Who knows. You can't take the battery out of them anymore either. Leave the phone in your car then at night perhaps, or put it in a little faraday cage made from a military ammunition box.

In the recent past Nest cameras were being watched by employees. I have Amazon's Blink cameras in my house, but they are only in common areas and in places where if someone was spying I wouldn't care. Anything connected to the Internet within your home that either has a camera or microphone can be a potential risk.

Electronic security in your home is a complicated process. You want cameras for security, but you also want to make sure they cannot be used against you or to spy on you. If anyone is looking for advice on home security, I will gladly assist them as my time allows.


So another mullti-billion company spying on its users. I'm so surprise... Not!

Is this a form of espionage?


More like wiretapping. Amazon is largely an american entity.


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no, it's a form of stupidity if there is anyone who buys one of these things and thinks it is not spying on them.


Gross invasion of privacy. More specifically, lookup "intrusion upon seclusion". Very illegal.

wow this is shocking!........NOT this is the natural result of allowing corporations to put SPYING device in to your home.


I guess it goes kind of like no one wanting "locating chips" inplanted in their bods. But, we all have cell phones with location services turned on. What is the difference between a chip in the arm and a GPS chip in your phone?



I bet it's more than just amazon employees, people who own these things are not very bright

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'not very bright'.. very well put lol

Hello everybody. We live in interesting times. People have traded freedom and privacy for commodity, and now everybody complains. If you are not ok with companies making money with your private information/life just dont use their products. There's no need to have Google, Aple, or Amazon in our lifes. Everyone can look into FOSS software and live with it. Of course this means that you will have to say goodbye to a lot of stuff but you will get back your privacy.

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That is sick. I would want to raid the house of anyone listening in my conversations. Like for real, Amazon needs a M.O.B. xD

duh, what sort of moron would put one of those in their house and think it was not spying on them constantly?

This is way to funny! anyone who thinks, even a little bit, has to know that Amazon is listening to what is said. Think about it, you place orders for items, Alexa doesn't magically produce the item. When you say "Alexa" somebody listens to what is being said. Not only are they listening, they are TRACKING your location, your music prefcerences, even if you are cussing out your government. It is ALL OUT THERE! Amazon has a contract with the Fed. to furnish all information for disemination as it "SEES FIT". You have NO privacy with Alexa or any of the other little voice activated devices that so many find "handy" in your home.
Not here, NOT in my lifetime!

El sueño húmedo de la guerra fría en el mercado y mucho idiota comprándolo. Nos merecemos lo que tenemos.

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Hmm, was thinking of buying one, think I'll wait for them to sort these issues out.

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@zer0hedge, Without consent of people if they are listening the conversations then this is not less than a crime in my opinion because it's breach of privacy. That's why we should turn away from the over technological world because otherwise we will doing the work of pushing ourselves into the deep trap.

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As the soon-to-be Prime Minister, I am pleased to hear that Amazon are leading the way in surveillance technology. Soon, we will be able to spot micro-aggressions carried out in your home and make sure we know when you need to go into a diversity re-education camp for thought criminals.

You can check out the latest manifesto here

Aww, seriously. So there's no more privacy right?

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This is disgusting, I never did trust the Alexa, I told my partner to get rid. great post, thanks for sharing. upvoted

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I think a big resource have been spending for this. On the other hand this makes life easier

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This is a bit disturbing. Hopefully this gets phased out as the system grows more intelligent.

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it will only get worse!