Bounty: Explain the Amazon fires

in amazon •  23 days ago 

I have not studied the amazon fires in Brazil much, but I would like to learn:

  • why do we have suddenly fires
  • what is their impact on the world
  • why are they happening now

Please stick to the facts, no political agendas, no bluff or bs.A0E8FB2E-A6AC-47B0-A0D7-CB8AE4B42774.jpeg

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My theory is this: New Brazil president Bolsonaro (he came to power in 2019) wants to grow the economy. He sees a lot of potential in growing the economy via agricultural production so he encourages more transforming of the rainforest into farmland than is normal.

China usually buys most of their agricultural products from the US, but the trade war means they have to look elsewhere for soy beans, pigs and all sorts of other stuff. They look to Brazil to fill this gap in their domestic demand, which only increases the demand for Brazilian agricultural production.

So there you have it: US-China Trade War => Amazon fires

amazon gets thr fair share of forest fires as any other forest. This time there are just more of them. Rising temperatures are making air drier which leads to more fires resulting in rise in temperatures.

Naturally the amazon does not get any fires, actually

All that fires ( mostly ) are done by human. Because the human burn it down for farming. ( not small farming) We all use this produkts of farming. Becasue there are growing soja beans and other food plants for the animal farming, which we eat the meat after that. Its mostly farming for the meat producing.

But i like to say 1 important point to all that vegan people who think they are saving the planet by eating only vegan: ALL THE FRUITS and VEGETABLES are coming as well from the huge farming places. Which bring collabsing problem with it. THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE IT IS TO EAT LOCAL FOOD AND NOT HUGE PRODUCED FOOD!!!!

Everything which is produces by huge ammount is creating nature problems......EVERYTHING!!!!

I do not watch or pay attention to any news, but I do watch my social media. All of the sudden about 10 days ago all places I look burst forth with rainforest worry. Where were they when I learned about fires in the Amazon in high school in the 1970's?

According to this post the photos celebrities are showing about these fires are old and their "facts" are questionable:

When Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jaden Smith are pushing the narrative, you know we've got some major bs going on.

In answer to your questions:

  • why do we have suddenly fires
    Why do you believe what cnn tells you? The fires in the amazon - if there are any - could be caused by farmers clearing land or burning sugarcane. They also could be caused by DEW - Directed Energy Weapons.
  • what is their impact on the world
    Absolutely unknown. I am in Malaysia where we have had smoke from Indonesian fires for the last few weeks. I can see it and I am coughing a lot. Many are wearing masks outside. It will be gone in a week or two, it's not on the news, and Madonna doesn't care - so no impact at all.
  • why are they happening now
    I think these fires are an attempt at distraction regarding the probably fake death of J Epstein and the flood of info coming out about pedo island, the leaders of the world being there, and the 1000's of missing young boys and girls who most likely lost their lives to this horrific bunch of monsters.

I didn't eve know about Indonesian fires until you mentioned and there isn't even any real reporting to be found on it. At the very least MSM is doing selective reporting to maintain a narrative.

This is a big way I know how to see a lie in media, @vimukthi. When they all start singing in tune and ignoring the stuff which is actually happening.

It is sad to see these fires raging around the world. To some extent, fires have always been and now with access to more media, we are more aware of them. A fire can start in the amazon and in an hour we know about it, unlike 10 or 20 years ago, where it would be a lot harder to learn about such things.

This being said,

The over farming and changing climates play a HUGE roll in the increased fires.

Farmers in order to increase the production of livestock like beef, to feed a population that is grown, clear cut miles of forest to make grazing fields. This then alters the weather patterns. Other farmers pull water from rivers to help integrate their fields, shrinking natural waterways, this also affects natural weather patterns. So More people farming, clear-cutting forests, also burning bush or wood they clear cut, more human activity in the forests, campfires, cooking, living and not doing sustainable practices leads to an increased risk of fires that grow then burn threw forests that were once very wet, but now only somewhat due to the change of weather patterns.

I do have faith that humanity will rise from this period of evolution and soon, I hope, work together as a planet to tackle large interconnected issues like this. We only focus on boarder lines... but to save the planet we have to look beyond borderlines and walls and see us all as one people. :D

They aren't just happening now. They have been an issue for years, but the particularly dry weather has meant that more of the fires spread and aren't as easily contained. Many of the fires are set on purpose by locals who are trying to clear the land so they can plant crops or grow livestock.

Around 20% of the oxygen in the world is generated by the Amazon, so it could cause an increase in the CO2 in the atmosphere. It wouldn't help with global climate issues.

I think it is the result of a changing climate. There have been huge fires this year. This is really interesting. Sometimes I think it's a planned sabotage.

1 - Amazon is not the lung of the planet.

2 - Brazil owns amazon, not g7

3 - fires are normal to happen naturally but farmers burn forests in order to plant 🌱 later

4- The average burn is lower this year. NASA website can prove it

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I guess the Amazon fires are similar to fires in all tropical areas, there are many reasons, natural causes like lightning, invasive agriculture, arsonists or even special interests. Of course it is sad to see so much plant and animal life being killed by these fires.

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he few investigations that have been done on this subject point to the fact that this jungle, which is distributed in nine South American countries, has become more flammable in recent decades.

@knircky, We all know that appropriately 20% of oxygen out of total is produced by Amazon and many think that and there are hype that this fire is intentional. We cannot believe this world because many aspects happen due to some hidden agendas.

the fire seem sudden but like most cases of wide fire its caused by factors which sometimes relate with climate conditions and sometimes bush burning. given that its summer, fire tends to spread much faster at this time of the year.
the effect of the widefire on the ecosystem cannot be understated given that the Amazon rain forest accounts for 20% of the oxygen the world consumes. its also home to some one million locals who have over time built a legacy in the amazon. science believe the forest is home to some new or even extinct species.

why they are happening is linked with the fact that fire spreads faster during summer.

Man I'm not too sure, one way or another I'm sure humans are somehow behind it. Or it could just be climate change going into high gear, coz as of now, even in Africa there are more wildfires happening, specially in Central Africa although they're not as dire as with the Amazon ones and there are rumors that most of them are controlled.

Just hoping both issues get solves, fast!

This is a topic with much to discuss, I think that particularly man is the main cause of these fires, because agriculture is part of our lives and burns for future plantings, I think this time, due to high temperatures, burning could not be controlled and therefore has caused so much damage to this area, which they say, is the lung of the planet.

It really is a situation, very sad, for so much vegetation and dead animals.

I hope in God that it will be solved soon!