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That was to be expected. Probably the plan all along. And if they can't trace it, I$ra3l still has a backdoor into ANY computer. Just google the "Talpiot Program".


Use airgaps.

Bitcoin is completely transparent. If they want to implement a bitcoin payment solution, they need to convince law enforcement they won't be accepting money from criminals.

I love you bro, but if you didnt see this coming its your fault for not understanding the tech properly. This is literally what blockchain is for

A Ledger serves one purpose no matter how public or decentralized, and that is to keep records.

What is the main purpose of keeping records?
To index them for proof and/or to be recalled at a later date.


I love you too


Well stated polite way of calling folks who did not anticipate this idiots. Deservedly.


why thank you kind sir

The secret government has been able to track see and hear everything since human number 1

The anonymous aspect of crypto applies only to the agencies who use it to supply arms and drugs to groups they groom to destabilize regions (arab spring, afghanistan v. Russia, contras, panama, isis, etc.) without leaving trails for congress or alex jones. They are the ones who set the algorithims that determine price parameters and they are the ones who pour billions into icos. You didnt think it was was a bunch of impoverished asians did you?

How possible!!!

WE CYBERPUNK NAO!!!!11!!!!!1111ONE
and you guys think that Spectre or the other hard exploit isnt too coincidential??

They hate us having privacy.


There has never been privacy freedom or rights. Only idea offered as a placebo.

it's a duplicate?


So it seems.


No, this is the video not an article - like the last post.

Both good and bad. Yes?

Where will this patenting behavior end? They're setting up ultimate control. Why don't we the people file a patent to end all patents...


Cuz they wont let you?

We can see these parasites entering every little back door they can find. Moreover, we can also see that they are already inducing a lot of volatility in their favor (to make profits and cause fud).