How to buy (shop) on Amazon

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  How to buy (shop) on Amazon:  

Hi, there guys welcome back to another brand new episode, and today we gonna be show you, how to buy (shop) on Amazon. As you open the amazon website then amazon home page will open.




Sign in or sign up: 

Then click on the sign in button if you already have amazon account and if you don’t have this one then click on this “I am a new customer” button at the sign in window bar to create your account on amazon.  Once you successfully created the account, you can go back to the sign in page and sign in using your email id and password. Now you are successfully signed in your amazon account. So let’s for our first amazon shopping, you can found many products on amazon.  

Search Amazon Product:  

You can search for a product by going through the category, for example if you are looking for a smart phone, probably you gonna go to mobile and table section and here you will find this smartphones, click on it, and we can see all the available smart phones here.  Now the second and my favorite way to search for a product on amazon is by through the search bar, simply type in your product name or category. Then click on search. Now search result will be appear on the screen and your product is here that are you looking for.  

Product Rating:  

You may found same items in different price tag, in that case, I recommend you to check the product rating. Those product got 4 star rating which is good, actually the rating is not indicating the product value instead it is indicating the seller trust worthy.  This feature will help you to buy from good rated sellers with confidence, and you can see this product here is an amazon fulfilled product, which means the items “fulllfilled by Amazon” are offered by a third party seller, but shipped from an Amazon fulfillment center. 

Product Page:  

Once you decide which product you wann buy just, click on it. It will redirect you to the product individual page, and here you will find the product pictures from different angles and dimensions. You can choose to view any picture by clicking on it and you can just see with by zoom in or out.  This feature will help you to learn more about your product’s physical appearance. Right next to it you will find product details, you can read them as well for a better understanding for what you can expect from this product. If you product avail in different color then you can select or switch between them from option that’s appear on the screen. 

Product Description & Specifications:  

If you scroll down a little bit, you will be find the product description and specifications. If you go further downwards, you will be find the product reviews from customers that already bought the products. I suggest you to read the comments and reviews, to know others can say about this and their experience about this product.  So if you read the comments and reviews of other customers that already buy this product, and it will give you more confident on your buy.  

Add to Cart & Buy Now: 

So let’s proceed buy, on the right side you will find add to cart and buy now button, I will explain both of these two buttons in detail. If you want to instantly buy only this product on this purchase you can click on the buy now button.  If you click on buy now button then a payment page will open and now you can pay your bill 4 or more payment method like from master card, credit card, debit card and net banking. You can also add this product to your cart, by clicking on the add to cart button. I want to show you how to buy multiple products. In my case I already searched for all the other products to make thinks a little bit faster.  So let’s add these products to the cart one by one. Once you finished adding to cart, you can go to your cart for checkout, you will find the cart menu on the top right side on your amazon page just click on it, and as you can see now we are on your amazon shopping cart. 

Quantity of the product:  

You can see here all the product that we added to cart. If you want to buy multiple piece of a same product, you can go to the quantity tab and select the quantity you want, if you if you want to remove any product from the cart, so you can click on the delete button, or if you are planning to buy one of these product later, you can just click on the save for later button. 


It will be added to your wishlist, later you can go to our wishlist, here is your product and you can buy that product as well. So let’s proceed buying, click on proceed to checkout button. Now it will ask you the delivery address, enter you address that you want your product to be delivered. 

4 or more payment method:  

I already add my address so I can click on deliver to this address button or I can add a new address and finally you will enter to the payment page. Here you can see all the available payment methods. 

Net-Banking is more secure: 

Personally I use the net banking because this is a secure way to buy, so let’s choose net banking, then choose your bank from here and you can click on continue. Now you are come to next page review your order and here you will find the option to use the promo codes, gift cards or voucher to get discount. 

Now click on place your order and pay button to buy if you click this button then you will redirect to your net-banking login page just login your account. Now it will show you some information, such as your order, total amount then verify that and click on continue. 

Now enter your transaction password here and click on submit.  Now your bank will send you a onetime otp to your phone, which is a secret code and don’t share it with others, just enter it here and click on submit. Now ok amazon will say you thank you, your order has been placed.  

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