My entry to the Amazing Nature Contest - March 2020 - #02

Hi There.....Do you love sandy beaches and the wind slightly blowing through your hair?

I just love it.....Especially when the temperature is between about 24 to 28 degrees.....That is what I like the most.....Not too hot and not too cold and on the beach with my camera to take pictures of mother nature 😄

At that time I didn't even realize they would come in handy for this contest for nature lovers. I beg your pardon.....Did you just ask me what contest.....Oh my, don't tell me that you haven't heard of this very special contest here on the Steemisphere 😱

Well then now you do cause @adalger has made one especially for everyone who is in love with nature.....You can find it here

That is why today I wanted to share some pictures of our last trip to Mallorca.....To Palma the Mallorca 😊

I must say it had its ups and downs though.....Our hotel was located in the Bier Strasse.....It's a street full of hotels, bars, and restaurants with mostly a German vibe. Our hotel was also all inn so all the beer drinkers were there and they made a lot of noise all night through.....So if you ever go to Palma and don't want to end up between a bunch of winos.....Keep away from this street.....And I am not kidding you this time 😖

So we decided not to let it get to us and we went away from the hotel during the day to find some beautiful Terrasses on the coastline. So here are a few shots we took on our walks along the shore from Palma to El Arenal 😀


Can you see how beautiful the sunlight reflects from the waves.....And the lovely shades of blue of the sky, the mountains and the sea 😀


There are a lot of people surfing with parachutes over there.....I think it is mother nature at its best.....The wind blowing in those parachutes with the majestic landscape in the background.....It took me a while to get a good shot


And how about this little guy.....The seagulls follow you because they know that the men on the boats will feed them for us to get a good picture.....Although it was pretty hard to get a good shot with everyone else also wanting to take that one of a kind picture 😋


If you ever have money in abundance I would say this is one of the most perfect spots to live.....Close to the sea.....With palm trees in your garden 😊

Not for me because as I told some of you before I could never leave Belgium.....My family is here and that is why I need to be here too 😻

I might go back to Mallorca sometime in the future.....But not to Bier Strasse anymore that is something I am pretty sure of 😋

Hope you like my blog post.....Until next time.....Have a great day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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Wow, that is a lot of upvotes already and on about one year time :)

Wow what a lovely place! Love it 😍😍😍

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So do I we will definitely go back to Mallorca :)

Palma is so great i was there in october and the weather was so great, again a very nice blog entry to adalger

Yes, Palma is a great place indeed and the weather is exactly the way I like it :)

What a beautiful photographs. Wish you a better luck for this contest.

tx so very much :)

Hello, friend @seadbeady

I feel like you had a great time on that trip. The beauty of that island is indisputable and the breeze is a great companion.

I really liked your post. The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing

tx so much for the nice compliments :)

Beautiful images! I especially love the one of the guy trying to feed the seagull! Wonderful.

It was a really lucky shot :)

Luck totally counts! :-)

Excellent photographs, the beaches are one of my favorite places, since you have many things to take advantage of for photographs

It is an excellent place for great pictures :)

I never have been to Mallorca, but your post invites to go there.
It is a very nice place, @seadbeady

You should it is an excellent holiday destination :)

I am relatively close but ... I need money, hehe
Have a good day!

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