Amazing Nature Contest - October 2019 - #02

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Here is my entry for the Amazing Nature Photo Contest - October 2019 - #02

This large spiders web with its incredible geometric design and tantalizing colours that glint off the silky threads, for me is a stunning example of just how amazing nature is. The photo was taken in Costa Rica with my Canon Powershot SX60 HS


Thanks to @adalger for this great contest.




Amazing it is :-)

Amazing! It actually looks like it's spun out of metal wire! Are you sure it's not a robot spider??! :P

Well yes u could be right! There is so much still to discover in the jungles of Central America! 😜

What an intricate and beautifully weaved web. Nature is so deeply awesome ❤ 🌲🌳🌲🌳

Thanks Jill. Hope your ur foot is healed now. Did you get some lavender essential oil for burns?

It is perfect. You have captured the light beautifully.

Thank you so much 🤗❤️

That is indeed a very nice shot.

Thanks so much, it’s good to hear from you. 🦋🌴❤️🍀🌈

Amazing spider web! It looks like an Alien spider weaving a stainless steel trap!

Thank yOu for that inspired comment.

You beat me to it!! I just commented something similar!

Well! Yours seems more detailed and specific!
I will let you say what’s on your mind next time!


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Pretty awesome photo! Great job; I did see HUGE spiders in Costa Rica! 🙂

Thank you, yes there are some real big boys out there! 😂

What an intricate design! I love the colors on it as well!

It’s amazing isn’t it!

Wow.. such a shiny threads! They looks like steel.

Isn’t it beautiful? I was awestruck by the colours! 😂

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