Amazing Nature: The Mating Game

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On this pleasant Sunday, something moving around the trees caught my eye as I was sitting by the kitchen window. I was treated to an amazing sight of nature being hit by the love bug.

Three ruffed grouse were moving rapidly through the bushes along the highway towards the upper driveway. Then behind them I saw another birdlike figure following behind them. At first I wasn’t sure what it was.


It was a male grouse with the feathers around his neck ruffed up and his tail starting to fan out.


The male grouse must have heard me come outside as he turned to look at me.

Within a few minutes they were all by the driveway, near the road. I hoped they wouldn’t go on the road. Not only they might be killed but I didn’t want hunters to know there were grouse on the property.

The females do not seem to be impressed with this beautiful male displaying his plumage.


The females are ignoring him.


I am surprised to see the male looking for romance this time of year as it is in the spring they do their courting and do a dance where you can hear the drumming.

Here the male turns again to look at me. Even though he has other things on his mind he heard the click of the camera or maybe he is just showing off. He probably is a young male testing his appeal to the females.

In the spring when the mating season is in full swing, the males have been known to chase humans away.

This male in his full regalia is an amazing sight. I always feel honoured to see nature at work.


Here on Prince Edward Island the ruffed grouse are sometimes referred to as native partridge. They like forest lands, especially with new growth where they also have shelter, and where they have access to apple trees.

The grouse are rather small birds but bigger than pigeons. These endearing birds are related to the chicken family. I love seeing them come out of the forest and peck at the apples in the trees. They will fly up into the trees for the apples and eat buds and insects.

This is my entry to #amazingnature contest hosted by @adalger and to #sublimesunday initiated by @c0ff33a.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6





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Wow, dancing grouse is something worth seeing. I have only seen on the telly and never in person. That is really fantastic they are living so close to you.

We are sometimes too far or too busy to even care about what nature does... :) Glad you got the chance to witness it! The mating season is always interesting as the males will start to do their job which they don't normally do... hehe.

Sometimes I'll just think...what if some bird attempts to mate outside of the mating season? Lol.

Thanks @lilacse. Actually their mating season is in the spring. Maybe the little male was just practising his moves but he looked serious about it all. 😊

Thanks for sharing, this is like looking at mini peacock doing their thing!

Thanks @roselifecoach. Yes he does look like a mini peacock strutting around. 😂

Hahaha... Yeah...

Brilliant click

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Thanks @shuvo. 😊

  ·  last month (edited)

Thats soo sweet, a grouse in full regarlia ^^ .. you documented a really impressive mating game here ;) .. I hope nothing bad happened on the road with the females, maybe they were just away a short time to refresh their make up and are now looking for him again, hehe

Thanks so much @adalger! 😊 I’m glad you got a smile out of the terminology I used. 😂 .
The grouse ladies and their hopefully suitor headed into the woods finally.

Into the woods, wohoo ^^ .. we will never know what happened there, hehe ;)

What a wonderful attempt. Hopefully, he doesn't give up that easily.

The little Romeo was pulling out all he had. 😊

What a blessing to see 💖💖💖

Thank you for sharing ☺


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Welcome @thereikiforest. 💝. It was a special sight to see.

Wonderful pictures and write-up, @redheadpei.

My theory is that the male grouse was trying to impress you. 😁

Haha, thanks Jayna. I was impressed. 😂

The females are ignoring him.

Poor dude! lol. He's working hard too!

I felt sorry for him, WW. He was working it. 😂

That would make a really funny Halloween costume!

One could go as a Grouse/partridge Man -if there were enough feathers around. 😂

What a gorgeous fellow with his fanned tail. But, I expect the ladies want him to work harder!!

The little guy was pretty impressive but it did look like the ladies didn’t think so. 😆

Oh how cool! What a fun moment to catch. Kind of makes me giggle that the ladies couldn't be bothered with his performance, but I am appreciative of the show. :)

@plantstoplanks, It was special and fun to watch. I was also appreciative of his performance. 😊

Oh! Poor guy as his pick up line doesn't seem to be working Lady Jo.
Or maybe he is young and inexperienced, not knowing that the ladies are going to behave like all women do hahaha

Haha, Sir Stephen. I think he probably is a young male and trying out his prowess.

Hahaha, I think the ladies are wise and they like us older men.
Experience is the thing and that poor youngster still has much to learn.
Hope that you have a good day my friend.

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Howdy redheadpei! And they also taste good? To some at least, I mean you mentioned hunters so I assume they are a popular bird to eat? That's quite a treat though to be able to watch that display!

Hi Cowboy! Yes people , along with the coyotes and foxes, eat them. The hunting season on partridge/ grouse opens in the fall for a mo.or so. You need a license. I worry that hunters may come on the property to hunt the grouse. I’ve seen ‘No Hunting’ signs put up on properties.
There is limited amount of wilderness on PEI and hunters have to be careful as bird watchers, photographers and hikers could be n some area. Hubby and I often walk the paths he made through the forest on the property. I guess I better make sure I have something orange or red ...haha, then I could be mistaken for a red fox. 😂

Hunters are not allowed to hunt using any air, land or water vehicles or wilfully destroy any wildlife habitat.

It sounds like too big a hassle to hunt them there. At least to me. Do you guys own some acreage?

Mornin’ Cowboy! We have 50 Acres which is mostly forest. I wouldn’t want hunters to come on the property to kill the wildlife I enjoy seeing.

Oh that is a GOOD amount of land, good for you guys! I would make all of it off limits for hunters, you can do that right? Since it's private property?

Yes, we could put up signs ‘no hunting’ or ‘private property’ if there was a hunter coming around.

There must not be alot of hunters there in your area or you would have been forced to do that already, right? What are the gun laws up there, super strict?

Our gun laws are strict.

To hunt with a gun /rifle on PEI, you must have a valid hunting license and Firearms Safety Course - Hunter Safety Course....