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Faith is the substance of things

 hoped for,  the evidence of things 

not seen. This is the Biblical 

definition of faith. 

This Very powerful term called 

Faith is exactly what the Christian 

 is all about. We owe and 

channel all our worship to God by 

faith.  But without faith,  it is 

impossible to  please God because 

whosoever comes to God must 

believe that he exists and that he is 

a rewarder of those who diligently 

seek him. 

God is a spirit which no mortal eyes 

have ever seen before.  Therefore, 

 for us to effectively worship God, 

 we just have to believe he exists 

and then put all our hope,  trust and 

absolute dependence on him.

Your Christianity is fake if you don't 

have faith in God and his word.  We 

understand through faith by God's 

word that the earth was without 

form and void before God showed 

up.  We understand through the 

Bible that God calls abstract things 

which where not into existence. 

 God and his word are one and it is 

only through faith that you can 

effectively appreciate this. 

The Hebrew book of the Bible 

contains a section which is like a 

hall of fame of faith.  Men who 

stopped the mouth of lions,  escaped 

the sword,  walked in the midst of 

flames,  parted oceans,  defeated 

giants,  turned to flight thousands of 

enemy soldiers Where all listed and 

one thing common among them,  is 

that they all had great faith. 

Men World over who had ever 

impacted positively  in their 

different endeavours,  have always 

been  men of faith.  The Wright 

brothers readily comes to mind. 

 Children of a Bishop,  they where 

told by all and sundry that planes 

can never fly in the air.  Even their 

father tried discouraging  them 

from their cause.  However,  against 


odds,  these two brothers believed 

and stood firm on what they 

believed in.  Today we owe the 

aviation space to them.  I can go on 

and list more than a 100 achievers 

who had great faith and changed 

their worlds. But for time and 


We all need a measure of faith in 

anything we do because if you don't 

believe in God and even in yourself, 

 you will never achieve much.  One 

of my favourite scriptures is "I can 

do all things through Christ who 

strengthens me ". Set your mind on 

a purpose,  refuse to say no or back 

down despite any and every 

opposition that comes your way 

because greater is he that is in you 

than is in that challenge.  Look 

oppositions eye ball to eye ball and 

overcome them.  My Bible says they 

who falter in the days of adversary, 

 their faith is small.  Challenges are 

meant to make us stronger and not 

to pull us down. 


1. You can't please God without faith

2. Your success is guaranteed

3. You metamorphose into a 


4. Challenges no longer move you

5. Your outlook becomes positive 

6. The devil becomes afraid of you

I Just feel to share these few words 

of mine to Christian Steemites.  Get 

your faith right on.  Stay positive 

and conquer your worlds.  God 

bless you all. 


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