why People find it very hard getting married to suitable life partners.

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It is becoming difficult for most people to select life earners these days. Several decades ago, it was more easier. With the high rate of divorce globally and the rather expensive legal costs and other costs, people are wary of who they get involved with in marriage.

I have come to realize that some certain factors are responsible for this delay or reluctance of most marriageable people to take the plunge.

First of all, the issue of compatibility is a very serious problem. People usually check and double check on who ever they are with to see if they are compatible because compatibility is the bedrock of every marriage institution. When couples are compatible, they will be comfortable living together. The absence of compatibility, often put would be married people in check. They will need to be sure about that before taking the plunge into marriage.

Secondly, there is this societal or parental approval which acts as a delay factor especially in Africa. Where I hail from in Nigeria, patental consent plays a pivotal role in marriage. In fact a marriage cannot be said to be complete without parental blessings. Where this is not forthcoming, then it will adversely affect the would be couple and cause a delay until the issues are resolved. Also the society in which they live can affect them because there are standards perculair to most societies especially in Africa which if not met, the society will frown on the union. This is a realistic truth in the African setting.

Thirdly, lack of foresight and planlessness hinder most intenders and cause a delay. Most folks for reasons best known to them are not serious with life, have no future plans and goals and just waltz through life hoping on chance situations of life. By the time they realize it, they are in their middle ages. Marriage involves a deliberate effort. Plans must be drawn up and efforts put into it to actualize the result.

Fourthly, the issue of finance especially in Africa is a constant problem. Coupled with the very expensive marriage rites and ceremonies, anyone who isn't ready financially, won't be able to meet up. This accounts for 75 percent of delayed marriages in Africa and other developing countries.

Finally, religious differences play fundermental roles in most countries. Many people who would have married, remain single because they don't want to marry outside of their faith even when no available offer is forthcoming from within their faith.

In Summary, these five points which I consider critical causes a delay in the lives of people who ought to be married, but sadly are not.

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