The Power Of Motivation and Positive Thinking.

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Good Morning Steemites,  I am glad we all made it today irrespective of life's challenges and problems.  For that let God be praised. 

I feel it implanted upon my heart to share these few thoughts of mine on motivation and the power of positive thinking. I believe these are strategic and strange times we live in and therefore we need motivation to keep us moving while keeping our thoughts positive all of the time. 

In my own words,  motivation,  is an inherent or self propelling mechanism within individuals which causes them to reach out and maximize their full potentials in life. Positive thinking on the other hand,  involves having our thought patterns reconfigured in such a way that only positive thoughts are allowed to flow within us. 

For any one to be successful in life,  these twin components must be fully understood,  enbibed,  and applied. Any one without an inherent self motivation cannot go far in life.  Anyone without a positive thought pattern will wallow in negativities  and hence won't achieve much.  This is because as a man thinks,  so is he.  What you think in the inside of you is what you manifest on the outside.  Computer engineers call it GIGO. Garbage In,  Garbage out. 

Thinking Positively all the time is not an option but a must if you are to go far in life,  business and career. This is so true because when you focus on the positive sides of life and issues,  an immense amount of energy is released from within you to actualize what your positive thoughts have conditioned your entire being to act on.  I will suggest someone get this book " The Power Of Positive Thinking "by Dr.  Norman Vincent Peale.  A lot is revealed in that book about our mind conditions and thoughts and the way they affect us. 

An Opportunity may present itself to two folks.  While one basking in positivity will have grabbed the positives in that opportunity,  while ignoring the negatives or filtering them off and hence goes about it the right way, another may never even take the opportunity because of the 100 or so negative thoughts and scepticism in them. 

This is the difference between winners and losers. Winners are champions of positive thoughts who never give up and still see the positive side of things even when the chips are down.  A positive minded person often ask "how do we get this job done or this problem solved "? They do not think of a 100 reasons why something shouldn't be done.  Instead,  they think of a million reasons  why that thing should be done successfully. 

Our thoughts are in fact our life itself. The Bible says,  as a man thinks in his heart,  so is he.  You cannot develope  more than your thoughts.  How high or how low you think you can go in life,  will surely determine where you finally end up.  Steemites,  I implore you all to let go of the levers.  Say to yourself I can achieve just about anything.  Convinc  yourself that you can get to the zenith of your careers.  Do what ever thing it takes within the confines of legitimacy to pursue your goals until they are actualized.  No one can stop you except you.  You are the captain of your own ship. Determine always to succeed in anything you do and then put in the time,  discipline and necessary efforts required,  And i am very positive you will get there. 

Your thought pattern will invariably  create motivational forces within you that can propel you to a level you never thought possible.  So please guide your thoughts.  Refuse anything negative from entering your thought lines, abiding and taking roots there. Weed out every negative thoughts from your subconsciousness and only allow ŕefreshing positive thoughts flow within you and see a total transformation in your life. 


1. Getting Knowledge

You cannot grow higher than what you know.  It is said that what humans don't know is greater than them. So the first step towards being a positive thinker is to acquire more and more knowledge.  Read books,  journals and articles of people who are champions and successful.  By their testimonies,  you will see that they are all champions of positive thoughts who never gave up. By so doing,  you will be building your inner man into the realm of the positives. 

2. Association 

It  is said that show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.  The people you associate with or hang  around with, have a very strong hold on you.  There are no neutral friends anywhere.  Their ideas,  opinions and advices will surely affect your metabolism whether you like it or not.  Therefore,  strive to only surround yourself with positive minded people only and watch them stimulate your positive thoughts and motivate you to reach out to your God given potentials. 

3. Control Your Thoughts

We all have to be careful what we let into our thought streams.  Please guide your thoughts fiercely.  Do not allow negative things in there. Create a filter metabolism to filter out any and every  thought that comes into your mind.  Immediately discard anything negative that flows in while allowing only fruitful positive thoughts in

4. Never Give Up

There comes a time in life when the storms of life brow beat us.  However,  that is when the hidden man in you should rear it's head. When the challenges and storms of life roars our way,  we don't have to falter.  In every disappointment there must be a blessing. The person that gives up in the day of adversary,  has a small faith or mind.  Refuse never to give up.  Look confrontations eye ball to eye ball and overcome them.  It is never easy but absolutely possible.  As you defeat more and more obstacles in life,  you grow from strength to strength  and become motivated to even overcome more. 

I hope this short article of mine has helped someone  out there and I strongly believe that as we act and think positive which inherently motivates us,  we shall all be raving successes in our diverse fields of endeavours. Stay positive.  See you at the top. 

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