Please Pray For Our President

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His  Name is Muhammadu Buhari, 

he is the President of the Federal 

Republic of Nigeria and also head of 

the African Union. Nigeria is the 

African economic regional giant,  

the most populous black nation of 

the world with Unique and diverse 


How.ever, leadership issues have 

always been an issue in Nigeria.  

That this country blessed with such. 

Mineral resources like crude oil,  

liquidified natural gas,  coal, iron 

ore, bitumen and other meral 

resources,  plus a very large land 

mass  which supports all forms of 

agricultural production, is still a 

Third World Country,  can 

only be caused by the way the 

political class handles the affairs of 

the country. 

The political elites are mostly 

corrupt who use the apparatus of 

state to corner for themselvws 

stupendous wealth mostly stashed 

in foreign countries to the utter 

detriment of Nigeria. 

Every resident who had come  up 

with good intentions and attempt to steer the ship of state away from the usual norm of looting and stealing the people's resources have had one calamity or the other befalling them which has led to their deaths. 

Nigeria has not had much 

President's with integrity and  

honour.  Only the late General 

Murtala  mohammed and the 

incumbent President Buhari  comes 

anywhere close to being men of 

honour and integrity who put the 

interest of the Nation first before 

their own. 

In the  case of Murtala  Mohammed,  

he was eliminated in the 70's, Six 

short but eventful monthS of trying 

to clean the Augean  stables riddled 

with corruption and 

underdevelopment. Those who felt 

Uncomfortable about that,  struck 

and got him out of the way. 

Today,  history is about repeating 

itself. President Buhari,  seen as the 

anti corruption Cesar of Africa is 

battling with a battalion of power 

hungry, very wealthy, corrupt,  

political elites who want the status 

quo to remain the same so as to 

continue to loot and embezzle the 

resources of the people for their 

personal use. 

Since  the 2015 elections that rought 

him to power,  these thieving 

political elites have never hidden 

eir disdain and dislike for him.  

This is especially so since he gave 

the Economic and Financial Crimes  

Commission popularly called  EFCC 

and other military  and para 

military operatives free hand to 

deal decisively with looters of 

public treweury . Many of them 

have had to do some months in jail 

while having their illegally acquired 

Propertiies and bank accounts 

Frozen and confiscated. 

Therefore,  they are not happy and 

have deployed all their arsenals to 

war against the President and his 

anti corruption drive.  Seeing that 

the President is resolute and 

determined to win this war against 

corruption, I can categorically say a 

sinister plot to eliminate him has 

gone beyond stage one.

Since the turn of the year,  our 

President suddenly became sick.  In 

fact it is so bad  that he 

has only been in charge for just 3 

weeks this year.  In fact,  he has 

spent just one Month in the country 

and has been in a London hospital 

under the watchful eyes of Britain 

where he is been  treated for an 

undisclosed ailment. He 

Constitutionally Wrote the Senate 

Transfering executive powers to his 

vice pending his return from 


Reports reaching me here is that my  

President is in a bad shape and in 

no shape to lead a diverse and 

cosmopolitan entity like Nigeria. 

Therefore,  I call on every lover of 

good governance to lift up their 

voice to God almighty to heal and 

save our President from death for 

him to continue the good work he 

has started in Nigeria. 

Note that whatever affects Nigeria,  

affects the  entire world.  So 

important is Nigeria to the world 

because it is the hub of economic 

activities to virtually every country 

in the world.  If Nigeria  is stable 

and  prosperous,  the world Will be 

better for it. 

President Buhari  must not die 

Long Live President Buhari 

Long live Nigeria 

Long Live Steemit 


I will, pray for our president as well. He is bombarded with negative comments from other politicians, he was planted with negative black propaganda. He is a good President of the Philippines Pres. Duterte

Sure. Please do

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