Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

in #amanda6 years ago

It is no longer news that Nigeria has the greatest economic potentials in subsaharan Africa. However, what many people in other countries so not know is that abundance of opportunities to penetrate the Nigerian economy remains untqppee.
I will reveal just 3 sectors from a whole lot where foreign investors can come in and make a whole lot of money.
1 . Oil and Gas. Any wise investor should explore this critical area. The acting President of Nigeria, Prof Osibanjo has worked out modalities for the conversion of small scale refineries in the Niger Delta to modular refineries. The implication is that any wise foreign investors that can partner with the indigenous of the Niger Delta to build a functional modular refinery for this purpose, will smile hourly to the bank because exports will be made to neighbouring countries like Benin Republic, Togo, Zimbabwe etc.

  1. Coal is in abundance in the South Eastern state of Enugu. Any wise investor cacan Into this abandoned economic sector and make good money.
    3.Aviationsector. This is one area where money flows like honey. Nigerians now use domestic and international flights more than ever before. If the right things are done, a foreign investor will make his money faster than anywhere else I can think of in Africa.

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