Amalkee Tree

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Amalki One of our most well-known trifles is the amalkee medium-sized tree. The wood is 20 to 25 feet tall and the wood is solid and red in color. The branches are short and knotted. The leaflets are long and the leaves are hairy and small, and fall in winter. The flowers are small pivot green berries. The fruit is round, fleshy, juicy and fibrous. The fruit contains 3 seeds containing 6 seeds. Flowers occur in April-May and in December-January. Amlaki is used as a medicine for bark, root and fruit. India, Bangladesh or Vietnam originated in the Amaliki.

Useful Parts:-

Fruits (as herbs), wood, bark and leaves.

How a part is used:-

  • Seeds of ripe rhubarb, chewing gum with almond candy, and other diseases of white fever are of particular benefit.
  • A raw raw fruit is one of the main benefits of meh disease.
  • When the eyes arise: The raw acidic juice is sometimes broken into two eyes and irritation is reduced.

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