Is Farrakhan Anti-Semetic Or Honest? Why This Discussion Gets Shut Down

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Caught this story in my 'feed' on facebook; and decided to write this here; on a decentralized platform; that does not censor free thought. The story on Alyssa Milano 'forcing' a black woman, Tamika Mallory, to denounce Farrakhan is discussion worthy.

This 'whole topic' is so complex. A good friend pointed out a rolling stone article; took me a few days to read it; but ironically it was speaking to this same matter; Hey, she wanted "Intersectionality" - but - she's finding out, just how little the other side, 'ever' listens to what we have to say; no matter how much we 'agree' - any disagreement, they won't tolerate; which is why these matters are so difficult.

Is Farrakhan anti semetic??

The real truth is that 'term' is problematic; like so many things, it's complicated by history; by things that have happened to those that expressed who they were; and were harmed for it by those that 'hate' them; So most media outlets, which oddly, 'happen' to be owned by Jewish people, tend to stay on the proactive; and anyone who says anything remotely against them, they tag with that 'label' ...

and so we never get down to discussing the matter really; like who are the people in positions of Real power in our world? Who are the oligarchs, of the long rumored shadow government? For those who look into these matters, you'll find we actually Do know most of them; several articles are written, but to be honest, with many you will have to 'do more research' ...

I'll give you one of them now; :::

like i said don't take that article at its word 'alone; look into he claims; You'll be shocked if you never knew this before. It's been known for some time now actually; but there is this whole 'sleep/woke' nonsense that keeps keeping people from looking deep down the rabbit hole, to see how DEEP it goes - and let's be realer, no one wants to be made fun of, for spreading 'conspiracy' theories.

This is no theory though; again, it's all documented. Another link, which talks about, jewish families and the Banks they run ::

again, very interesting when we think of how much "Finance" controls our lives ... then you research and find out 'who' owns those banks; and I mean, if you go around saying they own the banks, how does that make you anti-semetic?

You're stating facts ....

Chapter 1 from a book called "Jews and the Slave Trade" -- ::: posted on the WashingtonPost ....

This is a topic you also can and should research; what you'll find is that yes, a 'branch' of jews, known as "Sephardics" who were banned from Germany in the 1200's .... were VERY involved in the slave trade; We stumbled upon this fact while researching OUR family history; as we can trace 'some' records back to South Carolina, where my mother's side of the fam is from; My great grandfather's last name, Hamburg, b/c he was fathered by one of these Jews in South Carolina; all of these are facts....

Including the 'fact' that the raping and pillaging that happened, and often is blamed solely on the 'white man' tends to skip over the role of 'who' those white men actually were; The White Anglo Saxton Protestants have always worked 'with' Jewish families - and if i were a betting man, some where along the road, this 'business partnership' turned into a war; and that is why the holocaust happened; Waring factions with in 'white society' - struggling to be the ones in power;

Just why do you think America came to the rescue afterall??

I mean to keep it real, the Nazis learned all their hate filled tactics FROM America - Even "Prescott Bush', the grandfather of President George W. Bush, father of George H.W. Bush, is on paper as one of the financiers of The Nazi Party - yet America went to the rescue, because yes, indeed, Jewish people have always had 'say so' in this land; They helped coordinate the entire slave trade; (not all but you understand; the people involved were of Jewish descent) -

So when Farrakhan gets up and talks about these matters; he's stating facts; 'But' because a lot of the 'outlets' that own media - These discussions are shut down; none of us are encouraged to research, read our history books, and dig up truth; WE are told to accept the version they give us.

We are told anyone who speaks to the power of Jews, hates Jews.

I get it; It's a Defensive Tactic; they are making sure no one feels 'justified' in hating Jewish people to the point society rounds them up again; and kills them off, by the millions; Their slogan is "never Again" ... right?

Well that's what they are doing; they're making sure it does not happen again; But as a society we are all worse off for it; because we never get around to the truth, of who all has played a hand in the destruction of the black race; which means the problems that continue to be ignored, the 'benign neglect' - will continue; the systems set up to control and oppress blacks, for the enrichment of non blacks, will continue to run -

and all of it is so ironic.

really ....

The very same things they never want to happen to them; too many of them are involved in 'doing it' to black people; With this woman leading the women's march, they're telling her 'do as we say, or we'll end you too; but we don't have power, we are just saying that... we can't really do anything about you ... but you better denounce him, 'or else!' .... "

--- I always found it ironic that America went to fight racism in Germany WHILE America continued to practice racism right here at home - the holocaust was in the 40's .... MLK didn't get the 'voters rights act' passed till 65.... let that sink in for a moment ... the same nation that fought racism, was throwing apples and bottles at black school children who just wanted an education; The KKK hung several blacks in the south; and to this day, the terrorism they are all about, is with us - Imagine being told that you're a Racist for talking about Racism ....

Oh you mean that happens??

Funny how that goes....

Shut-down defensive tactics are just that; they are defense; They are not ... Truth.

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Alyssa Milano showed her true colors. If your down with the movement we cannot disconnect from any of our strong black leaders.