Always on something ?

in always •  13 days ago 

i wish i was, maybe i SHOULD get back on something always ... but for now it is

as time, chaos and clarity permits

some proto-edited dabblings for a casual


well it needs a name, right

they come in 2s or 3s actually in creator


something i call


i'm sure these will end up on #opengameart as its #graphic #design for #unpaid #programming :)

here :

dont have patreon or any of that b/c no one on gov't side has confirmed that would not make me tax-terrorist in Hellgium

and YOU, madam ? you want me show me, but you always try to pick "one of me" out of me and box that up into me because "all of me" seems to be too hard to analyze


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Hello! I have come to wonder if you might nominate and explain to everyone a bit about @goldmanmorgan in this lastest project I am running.

I also wanted to talk about the commenting idea we were chatting about, that particular project shut down but the mechanism is still important to me...I just have to get a new blog set up to test it out on....