I spent the last 20 Years analysing UK Politics & The Media. You will be shocked to know what I found out

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I spent the last 20 Years analysing UK Politics & The Media.
You will be shocked to know what I found out.


• Knowledge is relative to your life experience.
• Psychopaths Rule the Earth.
• Criminal Cartels rule Nation States.
• The Corporations run a continuous war against humanity.
• We live in a Satanic not a Christian country.
• Governments change Parliamentary Laws for their own profit & greed.
• You have lost all your legal rights & consumer protections.
• The British Army doesn’t protect you.
• The Zombie Media (main stream media) is repetitive mass hypnosis

Knowledge is relative to your life experience.

For the general population, believing in the existing social, economic and political order helps people to feel safe and secure. This gives their life value and meaning and a feeling that they are connected to others through a sense of shared reality.
Put simply, if you rely on a government system to survive, believing that it is good and just helps to keep your fear & insecurity at bay.
Dr Lissa Johnson

Psychopaths Rule the Earth.

Throughout history, psychopaths, sociopaths and character disordered individuals have ruled societies. And they rule ours.
"We are ruled, though it may be difficult to imagine, by a small dynastic power structure, largely consisting of powerful banking families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and others. They emerged by controlling the financial system, extended their influence over the political system, the educational system, and, through the major foundations, have become the dominant social powers of our world, creating think tanks and other institutions which shape and change the course of society and modern human history."
Andrew Gavin Marshall

Criminal Cartels Rule Nation States.

The politics of personal enrichment & fiduciary betrayal
David Cameron’s legacy as UK Prime Minister saw the wholesale theft of all Taxpayer owned sovereign assets with the criminal Infrastructure Act 2015 & The Consumer Rights Act 2015.
He also created the Corporate UK State with the destruction of Democracy, Law, Justice & Fiduciary Integrity in the UK. He deleted the Treason Law.
This was an undeclared War & Fraud on the passive domestic UK population.
While still protecting UK Tax Havens, a multitude of Corporate Frauds & The Criminal Bankers.
He promoted The New World Order Criminal Global Fascist State.
And subjugated the British Broadcasting Corporation & the rest of the London Media into meaningless superficiality.
He did all this while allegedly “Working for a “Foreign State,” The City of London, criminal bankers.
He was the most articulate criminal mastermind of the 21st Century.

In the USA, the crime cartels of; both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama & Deep State showed scant regard for their Nation State while enriching themselves with profits from financial frauds, drug running, child trafficking and the 9/11 Trade Centre destruction to start seven oil wars.

The Corporations run a continuous war against humanity.

It is no coincidence that Monsanto produce Genetically Modified (GM) seeds for wheat.
Wheat & bread are the worldwide staple diet for populations. They have used their copyright ownership of GM Foods to contaminate our food, bankrupt & takeover farms worldwide. They also make Roundup which contains & spreads Glysophate poisons all over the land & killing bees.
The Pharmaceutical corporations (Big Pharm) are the richest in the world. They financially outstrip even the War & Fraud corps, the Energy Sector & The Bankers.
They are currently alleged to have killed 77 Holistic Doctors as they take over Obamacare & the NHS.
Every facet of financial activity is an opportunity for The Corporations to steal your money armed with their Accountants & Queen’s Counsel Barristers who specialise in fraud & offshore law bending.

We live in a Satanic not a Christian country.

The Church of Rome now supports Satan. It seems quite bizarre but this comes from the words of The Pope himself in Rome.
The UK Christian Church has been stunned into silence by the Corporate Criminals who thrive on War & Fraud, Banking Fraud & the continuous asset stripping of the docile populations personal & public owned wealth.
The actual Christian religion has been replaced by materialism, sexual diversity & greed.
Personal religion of any creed should be based on; conscience, a sense of personal morality & love of yourself & those around you.
Protect yourself from evil & evil people.

Governments change Parliamentary Laws for their own profit & greed.

The Infrastructure Act 2015 transferred all public owned assets to The Land Registry. Privatisation gave the City of London corporations control of the sale of ; parks, national parks, roads, council estates, town halls, school buildings, county council offices, Whitehall & a million properties as yet unknown. This is not just the sale of the Land Registry it is the theft of every single sovereign asset Taxpayers paid for over 900 years.

You have lost all your legal rights & consumer protections.

When David Cameron pushed The Consumer Rights Act 2015 through the UK Parliament, in secret, just before the general election, nobody in the Labour Party or the Zombie Media mentioned it.
If you have had any complaints lately about a purchase or service you will have found a deafening silence to your complaint.
This is because all of the government Ombudsmen services have been neutered & The Health & Safety executive replaced.
We know longer have a Trading Standards department, you get sent to the Citizens Advice, who no longer provide legal advice. You cannot contact a lawyer because there is no Legal Aid. And if you land up in court the judge will tell you that he/she can no longer find against a Corporation. They are outside of our legal system.

The British Army doesn’t protect you.

The British Army doesn’t protect you. It works for The Banker Corporations to rob other nations.
Under the cover of the Zombie Media Brexit tirade the Tory Party are integrating our British Army & Nuclear weapons into the EU Fascist German State.
NATO & the British Army didn’t protect you from the millions of Muslims streaming through southern Europe. NATO & the British Army, MI5, MI6, GCHQ didn’t protect you from the so called ISIS terrorist attacks in Manchester & London.etc
This is because all our public servants now work for The Corporations. One of the ways The Corporations fck you over is to create fear with false flag attacks to make you think that you need spy cameras watching you, personal data analysis of every facet of your life & online life.
But its all a fake to cover their attempt to Control & Repress the population into their future plans for you.

The Zombie Media (main stream media) is repetitive mass hypnosis.

The main objective of the Zombie Media is to create Chaos & Disinformation.
Gone are the days when they used to pretend to Inform & Educate, that’s the last thing they want to do.
They want you so confused by racial, gender, sexual depravity, Brexit, Russia, conflicts that you cannot see through their veil of deceit. Their Matrix conceals the fact that the whole Corporate Charade is one big fking Fraud.
Everything they ever do is a TaxPayer Fraud. Every story, every opinion, every good idea & brilliant plan is just another way to get the population to support; Smart Meters, Wind Farms, Fracking, mobile phones, the banks, middle east wars, The Surveillance State, NHS privatisation, parliament, education manipulation, the stock exchange.

The further that a society drifts from the truth,
the more it will hate those that speak it. George Orwell

If you don’t fight for freedom & free speech, you will lose them.

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