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Hi steemiteers as my introductory post I'll offer a story.

I hope you enjoy the read.

The Dive into existence, a creation story
Have you ever wondered why?
I don’t mean why you didn’t get that job, or that girl or boy.
Or even why you didn’t get those opportunities in life that others got.
Did you ever just wonder why you can wonder why?
I have.
Not that I really want to.
It’s just that’s what I seem to do.
You see, I’m one of these people that have a desperate need to rationalise our existence.
Throughout my life if I’ve learned anything about myself.
That is.
If I develop a rational explanation for something.
I find it so much easier to abide by whatever it is I’ve developed the rationale for.
When I was a young boy and I’d just started developing an understanding of the world.
I was learning to navigate life.
I was taken from that world I was trying to understand.
I was placed in one that was extremely hostile.
It was full of strangers with nefarious intentions.
Wilson Youth Hospital.
After enduring that hostile behaviourally repressive environment for what seemed like an eternity.
They moved me to a different environment.
Alkira a Salvation Army boys home.
Though this next environment was a lot less violent.
Unless you did something wrong which seemed easy to do.
It was no less repressive than the one they moved me from.
Probably more so actually.
Because this place wanted to change my behaviours also.
But not by using the drugs.
Locks and keys and isolation rooms.
As was the previous place’s methods.
They wanted to do it by changing the way I thought.
They wanted to tell me how I should understand and make sense of the world.
So they started to force their ideology on to me.
Providence was with me though.
And before they could totally imbue me with their ideology.
The powers that be decided I’d probably be better off somewhere else.
Just how lucky my eternal soul was I would find out in this next place they put me.
They put me in a gothic sandstone Catholic place run by a Benedictine monk in a habit.
I found out that this new place was again all about trying to instil in me an ideology.
An ideology that seemed to me pretty much the same ideology and worldview as the last place was offering.
Though I was told it was lucky for me I’d come to this place.
Because though my previous place’s ideology came from the same book.
And looked the same to me.
I was told it was a distorted version.
Because I’d learnt it from those with the distorted perspective.
My soul was in peril of eternal damnation still!
It soon became apparent to everyone.
That I wasn’t going to come around to this other but same way of thinking that this new place espoused.
So the powers that be.
Decided yet again.
That I would be better off elsewhere.
Next was a Baptist place.
My scepticism about this imbuing of an ideology really peaked out when I got to my new place.
I get to my new place only to find that these people have yet another flavour of the same ideology.
They even got it from the same book.
And yes.
They want me to live by it again.
Of course I was told that those last two places I was at had got it all wrong.
And yet again.
My eternal soul was in peril still.
This time I had to get baptized.
It wasn’t until many years later that I realised just what these religious institutions were trying to do to me.
Of all the types of abuse that I suffered in boys homes.
It’s this type of abuse that raises my gall the most when I think of the sheer arrogance it displayed.
It still raises my gall because it’s still going on.
Just the other day I had someone turned up on my doorstep and wanted to talk about matters metaphysical (God).
So I made us a cup of tea and we sat down for an earnest discussion.
It didn’t take me long to realise that this bloke had no intention of any sort of discussion.
He just wanted to tell me something.
Something that unfortunately I’ve heard many times before.
This is what he wanted to tell me.
“Our way of thinking is the only way to think.
And if you don’t think like us and know what we know.
You then are a sinner.
Not only a sinner.
But an abomination in the eyes of your very own Creator.
Not only are you going to dip out on all the goodies that we’re going to get.
You’ll be thrown into not just the worst place in the universe.
But the worst place anyone can even imagine.
Forever and ever”.
Now I don’t know about you.
But for me.
Condemning someone for not seeing things the same way you do is the ultimate in arrogance.
What irks me even more when I think about it is.
As being a forgotten Australian and having endured what I have.
I’m fully aware that there are a lot of people out there who engage with the world from pretty unsure footings.
By no means am I referring to just forgotten Australians.
I’m talking about myself and just about everyone else I know.
Which probably really isn’t that hard to believe knowing the socio-economic bracket most forgotten Australians exist in.
I feel that it’s these vulnerable people.
People with self-esteem/worth issues.
People that are engaging with the world from their unstable footings and live in isolation.
It’s these people that are the specific targets of those religious zealots.
It’s the reason they accost people in their own homes.
These zealots get invited in to people’s homes.
Because they’re probably the only people to have walked over that threshold in ages.
Surely they must realise that espousing an ideology.
An ideology that has as some of its core concepts.
Concepts like; we as human beings are profoundly wretched and hopeless.
That we’re born that way.
Not to mention all the doom and gloom that will befall you if you can’t maintain a strict adherence to a prescribed lifestyle and way of thinking.
That just may not be helpful.
Especially to someone who has just invited them in because since their depression set in.
They haven’t spoken to anyone in months.
It probably looks like I have a sceptical disposition with regards to those of religious intention.
I do.
As I said earlier.
I was unfortunate enough to experience three different flavours of Christianity as I was growing up in boy’s homes.
The only thing that I learned from their combined efforts?
Was the true meaning of the word hypocrisy.
Having this bloke show up at my door and display his arrogance in such a profound manner.
It inspired me to think up a story of creation.
One that will wrest our fate out of the hands of a judgemental God.
This story will put our fate back into those hands it belongs.
This story wasn’t that hard for me to come up with either.
Because I’d been thinking about how things could be the way they are for as long as I can remember.
Though more so after they put me in Wilson Youth Hospital.
As I mentioned before.
I’m a person who needs to rationalise my world.
The question of why lingers forever in my peripheral thoughts.
I’ve used most of the science’s to come up with this story.
Most of it is just stuff I’ve read.
I do my best to explain some of the very complex and abstract concepts in physics.
Concepts one needs to convey when trying to explain the creation of a universe and emergence of self aware life.
I know a lot of people tend to switch off when things like quantum physics and that get brought into the picture.
But if you can push on through.
Because I reckon I’ve come up with one cracker of a yarn.

The Dive into Existence
An attempt at deciphering the gestalt by Anthony Wright.
This story is for all those who can’t live with other people’s paradigms for existence.
Especially those who have had to endure an existence living in a world that is ruled by a vengeful, paradoxical God.
The God of that book that gave rise to those monotheist religions.
Those religions that have held sway over the global consciousness for ages.
And still cause so much grief today.
The place we wait has many names.
The analogy that resonates best with me is the Toa.
But it doesn’t really matter what we call it now.
Because as soon as we start to experience our creation.
We get so preoccupied with learning to adapt to this new mode of being.
We get so caught up in it because our perception/attention/awareness is so focussed into the glamour of this existence.
So caught up that we’re more than likely to forget about this place anyway.
As we’re here waiting for the singularity to gain the required potential.
I’ll try and convey what it is I think we’ve done to get us here.
If you’re not interested in why we exist ?
In a grand unified theory ?
Or bridging the gap between quantum and Meta physics.
You probably wouldn’t be interested in the stuff I’m about to head into.
Because at first.
I’m going to need to explain a singularity.
Which is a black hole in space.
I’ll start with something we all know.
We all know that it’s gravity that makes stuff fall to the ground.
But what we don’t know about gravity ?
Is exactly what it is.
We don’t know what it is because we can’t seem to catch a bit of it to have a look at.
Most of us know about Isaac Newton and his apple.
Because it was Newton who gave us our first real understanding of how gravity works.
He did it with showing the world his understanding of the inverse squared law.
So he found out how it works.
But not what it is.
So I need to go to that later thinker.
The one who took a great leap of imagination.
Albert Einstein.
That great leap of imagination by a Swiss patent clerk.
Resulted in us understanding that gravity actually warped space and time.
This concept is generally conveyed by using a certain metaphor.
That is of space as a sheet of foam rubber and matter like stars and planets as steel balls.
You’ll notice that if you put a steel ball on the foam rubber.
The steel ball sinks and creates a dimple in the foam.
This dimple is what we now call a gravity well.
It’s our knowing how gravity works that lets us navigate space.
So we can do things like send probes to other planets.
We do this by using the gravity wells the planets create.
So we now know more about how it works.
But still not what it is.
Later thinkers extrapolated on Einstein’s ideas even without actually knowing what it is.
With the help of some very tricky mathematics called quantum mechanics.
They realised that though the dimple (gravity well) in the foam of space/time would get bigger as more weight/mass fell into it.
The actual physical size of the object creating the dimple would be getting smaller.
Smaller as it was crushed and compacted under its own weight.
And once it was so small and so heavy it would sink so far into the fabric of space/time.
That it wraps that fabric around itself so tight that a singularity is formed.
The gravity well that’s created by the singularity is so deep that nothing can ever get out of it.
Not even the fastest lightest stuff we know of.
Hence the term black hole.
Also the physical property of the matter creating the singularity changes.
It starts to break down to what it was before it was quantum particles.
That’s as far as I can take this story with regards to what we know for sure about a singularity.
This is where imagination rules.
Imagination rules because the known laws of physics and the mathematical paradigms used to describe them start to breakdown.
Therefore are no longer useful.
So no one really knows what goes on in a singularity.
This is where my imagination takes over.
It’s only in my imagination that I can see these things.
Things like when the mass of an object has caused it to create a singularity that is so heavy and so small.
Also made of stuff that can no longer exist in temporal space because of it not being congruent with the laws of physics.
That it sinks through the fabric of space/time.
It emerges into other dimensional aspects of existence.
My grey matter hasn’t evolved enough for me to truly comprehend multi-dimensional geometry.
Especially the mathematics needed to convey a concept like this.
So I’ll have to leave it to your imagination to follow.
If you can?
Imagine consciousness’s that have emerged as coherent forms of electromagnetic radiation or something of that ilk.
A non-local mind.
It exists in dimensions that are at present unknown to us.
Though those dimensions maybe unknown.
They have been glimpsed in other imaginations.
Those physics minded boffins who are looking for that grand unified theory.
They have put forward ideas like “M” or “String” Theory as their most likely path to a G.U.T.
These theories can’t hold water let alone space and time together.
Not without the addition of more dimensions than the three of space and the one of time that we currently experience.
What I mean about waiting for the singularity to gain enough potential.
Is that we wait for enough matter to fall into the back hole that has been created in other dimensions than those we wait in.
As the matter is crushed beyond matter.
It gains the property that we require.
I call it potential because since the stuff has moved beyond matter.
It can be anything we want it to be.
Physicists have already discovered the potential hidden in matter.
They found it with things like Schrödinger’s cat.
The thought experiment.
It’s on how the observer influences the outcome of a thought experiment on the wave/particle duality of light.
It’s this kind of potential that we wait for the singularity to gain enough of.
As the singularity slips from the dimensions that it was created in.
Into those that we wait by gaining more mass.
We see no movement at all.
It just gets brighter.
Actually, an analogy of brighter.
Because what “is” in one aspect of existence.
Can only be spoken of as an analogy in others.
We wait in anticipation.
We wait in anticipation because we know that we are about to create our dreams and imaginings.
A new way to express and experience ourselves.
The Dive
When the singularity gains enough potential.
On mass we as the communal whole of the non-local mind dive into the potential with our intention.
Intention is the outward manifestations of an aspect of our radiant energy in a coherent form.
It depends on our intention with which we engage the singularity as to which other dimensional aspects of existence we enable the expression of the combined energies to emerge in.
Those combined energies are that of our focused/coherent intention and that which is innate in the potential.
It’s easy for me to imagine as to just what that moment when we engaged the singularity looked like from this aspect of existence.
“The Big Bang”.
That exactly what I imagine it would have looked like.
Since in physics we can only go back as far as 10 to the -43rd of a second after the Big Bang.
We can’t see the impact directly.
But that’s why we have an imagination.
I imagine that there is a reason the laws of physics can’t go back any further than that.
Because it was only when we hit the potential with our intention was it that our physical laws arose.
Those laws were the first physical manifestation of our intention in what is to become temporal space.
I can imagine that maybe the reason why they can’t find any bits of gravity.
Because it’s not here and it never was.
Gravity could be the result of our taking a piece of this dimensional aspect of existence “potential” and firmly entrenching it in/as our initial engagement with the potential which happens in another dimensional existence.
We do this to create a bridge into those dimensional aspects of existence from whence we emerge.
Because the dimensional pressure that created the singularity was left holding the potential compacted, as we expanded only half of it into this other dimensional aspects of existence.
All potential that we set off expanding has that extra-dimensional force compelling it to return to its initial condition of singularity.
This way of looking at things could open up whole different avenues of discussion on all the missing matter in the universe.
Not to mention a possible pathway for those physics minded boffins of bringing gravity into the fold heading for their GUT.
The Moment of Creation
When we engage the singularity with our intention creation has begun.
The sudden rapid inflation of the early universe that cosmologist and physicist still debate over the cause of was the natural result of two incompatible aspects of existence being brought into compatibility or balance to create something new.
The rapid inflation would also be part of our intention.
Because of the need for the expanding aspect of potential to return to its initial condition of singularity it would bring tension between the potential fabrics of space/time that is in other dimensions and that of the temporal fabric of space that we’ve just set off expanding in every direction that is dimensionally congruent with our intention.
Once it has expanded enough to create enough tension.
What we have is a ball of potential expanding in every way possible.
We hold a set of taut strings attached into the very fabric of its existence.
Strings created by using the extra-dimensional forces.
How apt that the image of a stringed instrument comes to mind for me.
When for ages now we’ve been calling what we created the universe which means “one song”.
There is a resonant harmonic algorithm (physical laws) that we set in the strings at the moment of the separation of the temporal fabric of space from that of the potential that we keep.
It is created by our intention to manifest the ability to interact with our creation.
That resonant harmonic algorithm is our first interaction with our creation.
It permeates throughout its expanding existence ever after as the potential settled and cooled into our manifested intent.
I feel that’s quite an elegant description of just how our laws of physics can emerge out of the chaos that was the rapid inflation of the early universe.
It’s those laws that set the scene for us to interact with our creation in a much more intoxicating way.
By expressing ourselves as organic life.
Once those strings/laws are in place our creation is set on its path of manifestation.
The first thing we needed was atomic particles.
Because of the harmonic resonance imbued in the strings at separation it has set things so each sub atomic particle ends up with certain properties like energy, colour, polarity or flavour.
So that as it cools it can only coalesce with certain other particles and create the matter we require.
We just need the most basic of bits of matter to continue our creation.
That is mostly one proton enveloped in one electron or as we know it today a hydrogen atom.
Once we have the hydrogen created in temporal space.
Then potential of space/time that we have secreted elsewhere start their work.
That part of its work is to create all the other heavier elements that are required for the next phase of our intention.
Since everything that was left in temporal space has the need to return to a state of singularity.
It tries to follow along the strings that create the bridge to the other dimensions.
Since two particles together have twice the force to be united with its state of singularity (the inverse squared law).
They create a gravity well that is twice as deep as one particle would.
Then other particles gravitate to the deepest gravity well.
Which is also happens to be the shortest distance to its state of singularity as that part of temporal space has been dragged closer to its desired destination.
Those particles endure such crushing pressure as they gather together and try to push through the fabric of these temporal dimensions.
That a nuclear reaction starts.
We have a star.
An element factory.
The rest of the story of how the heavier elements are made is common knowledge to be found in any book on astrophysics.
It’s also why it’s a true statement to say that we are star dust.
Because every atom in our body was created in the nuclear furnace of a star it could have been created nowhere else.
It’s what I imagine that we’ve done with those elements that I’ve not read in any book.
Though I’ve read many science and esoteric books.
Most of this concept of creation emanates purely from my own subjective experiences of life and how I can make sense of them.
My idea is that we as a non-local mind existing outside of this dimensional aspect of existence.
We have a firm hold on these harmonically resonate strings that are attached to the base fabric of temporal space and it’s through these strings that we convey our intention to our creation.
I feel the need to explain a little more quantum physics here.
Just to help clarify our ability to communicate our intention to our creation.
“Spooky action at a distance”.
That’s what Albert Einstein called it.
That’s the best description one of the foremost thinkers of his time could come up with.
They ended up calling it quantum entanglement.
At least that described the seeming behaviour of the particles.
But did little to explain why or how it happens.
What this is all about is.
Those boffins in a lab took a particle of light (photon).
Then with a beam splitter split it into two halves.
What they discovered when they did this was something very odd.
They discovered that if they were to manipulate/polarise the spin on one half of the photon.
The other half of photon would instantaneously orientate its spin to mirror the polarisation that was imbued to the other.
This effect happened no matter how far apart the two particles were.
They could be at opposite ends of the galaxy and one particle would still instantaneously know what was done to the other.
It was this “instant” transfer of information that Einstein found spooky.
Because going by his theory and understanding of how things worked.
Such an instant transfer of information can’t happen.
It can’t happen because for that transference of information to be instant.
That information would need to travel faster than light.
In Einstein’s universe that’s just not possible.
Not to mention the can of worms it opens up when trying to imagine the medium of conveyance of the information.
Or if one was to consider that the information may not have really “travelled” in any kind of a way that we can comprehend looking at world using conventional paradigms.
I haven’t heard of any breakthroughs in the understanding as to just what or why quantum entanglement is.
But I can sure imagine how we as multi-dimensional beings could be using it to play our “one song” on our inter-dimensional harp.
I can imagine one note on our harp echoing throughout infinity.
Creating quantum entanglement with the end result being that of gathering a vast variety of all those heavier elements that we created in our nuclear furnaces (stars) into one spot.
The Earth.
Another note on the harp with the result being the evolution of complex organic molecules like amino acids.
Another note and bacteria and the amoeba.
Again, and we have multi-cellular life.
Once we have life ?
I think the theory of evolution can carry the narrative of this story.
It can carry it all the way from those multi-cellular organisms floating around in that primordial soup.
Through to organisms that are bi-pedal and drive cars.
It’s an amazing story for sure.
Unfortunately Darwin’s theory allows for none of the focussed intention that this story is based on.
Not that I’m saying Darwin was mistaken.
Quite the opposite I think he hit the nail on the head with evolution.
It’s just that it was hard enough at the time to put his ideas out there because of the religious fervour it created.
That maybe why he was reluctant to come up with an idea of why evolution was heading in the direction it was.
If he’d had the information at hand as I do today?
I’d like to think he would have come up with a line of thinking akin to mine.
But then even for us sitting here in the 21st century.
Given that where I’ve been and where I’m going to take this story from here.
It’s going to seem more like science fiction or even fantasy than a theory of existence.
But I’m sure the theory of natural selection seemed like fantasy to those reading it back in the 19th century.
The Brain
I can imagine that creating a universe that can foster organic life as being just a means to an end.
That end being the creation of an interface that will let us become totally immersed in our creation.
This interface I’m talking about.
Some say is the most complicated thing in the known universe.
For me it’s even more complicated than the known universe.
As I find the neurobiological sciences harder to digest than Meta-physics or cosmology and quantum physics.
So again.
This is where imagination rules and I only touch base with objective perspectives to try and keep my imaginings at least compatible with a consensual objective reality.
I’m of the opinion that the whole process of biological evolution is focussed on the brain and the neurons where ever they may be in the body.
The brain needs to evolve to a sufficiently complicated state of construction before it becomes the viable interface that we need.
Our need is to wholly immerse ourselves in our creation as to truly manifest an expression of ourselves in this dimensional existence.
So we start to build ourselves an evolving organic incubator and interface.
The pre-construction of this build was the process of organic evolution from those complex organic molecules up to those first creatures that swam the primordial sea.
Once we have incubators that have a brain carrying carapace and a spine.
Our intention of bipedal mammals that drive cars is well into the process of manifestation.
But our intention is to be able to experience and express ourselves in the dynamic environment we created.
So our organic evolving interface/incubator will need the ability to evolve and adapt in a dynamic environment.
More importantly it must have the imperatives of procreation and self preservation structured into the nature of the brain.
Just like Asimov’s three laws of robotics.
Constructed into its fundamental blueprint.
Since we start things off with every possible variant in organic organisms.
There’s a lot of competition in those primordial waters to be self protective about.
And it’s through procreation that we keep the process going.
That’s how we get the variant needed in our incubator designs.
We need variance to make sure we’ve made the best of all possible variances.
That’s natural selection at work.
If you’ve followed me this far down the rabbit hole of my mind.
Maybe we can now start down the turns in the warren that will lead to combining Darwin’s theory of natural selection with the focussed intention that I started this story with.
So what we have is a biological incubator that has the ability to evolve and adapt to a dynamic environment.
This environment has certain attributes given it on creation.
Some of those attributes are the laws of thermodynamics.
One of those is the second law of thermodynamics.
Which say’s something like;
In a closed system you cannot return to the same energy state, because there is always an increase in disorder.
Entropy always increases.
For me this basically means that things are always going to get more complicated than they were before.
So, not only do our incubators have to adapt to a dynamic environment.
They have to adapt to an environment that gets more complicated.
So they would need to have the ability to learn.
I’ll just convey enough of my limited understanding of neurobiology to get us through this.
Neurons are my favourite focus on the brain, because everything about them is fantastical.
For a start we have hundreds of billions of them and if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind.
What about the fact that each neuron has at least a billion synapses.
Which is an amazing figure added together.
Because if you to look down a sandy beach as far as the eye can see.
The numbers of grains of sand wouldn’t be as great.
I know my head doesn’t get around those kinds of figures.
But to contemplate the construction of a universe and the emergence of life.
Stretch our imagination we must.
Another thing that amazes me about the brain is its plasticity.
Plasticity is a term that describes the process of how one part of our brain can assume the functioning of another part of our brain if it becomes damaged.
It seems to me from what I’ve read that each minute part of the brain contains the ability of the whole brain.
An example of this is when people for one reason or another have to have a sizable piece of their brain removed.
Yet they make a full recovery.
Memory and all.
Or how a blind person can learn to navigate using echo location.
Just like a bat.
It’s this type of plasticity that brings the image of a hologram to mind.
I can imagine that brain plasticity is just the aspect we see looking from a three dimensional perspective at something that has a multi-dimensional holographic nature.
Most of us got our first look at a hologram while watching Star Wars when princess Leia was projected out of R2D2.
A three dimensional image made by the coherent light of a laser is what the image is.
But it’s the film that the laser passes through to create the 3D image that I’ll use as an analogy for describing brain plasticity.
A piece of holographic film doesn’t have any type of picture on it.
All it has is a bunch of concentric swirling lines.
A bit like fingerprints.
This is called an interference pattern.
If I was to capture the image of a bicycle to a holographic film.
I would be catching the interference pattern of the convergence of laser beams that had bounced of the bicycle into the film.
I could then reverse the process and split a laser through the film resulting in a holographic image of the bicycle.
This interference pattern in the film has remarkable qualities for the conveyance of information.
If I was to take that holographic film of the bike and cut it into four pieces.
I then produced an image from one of the pieces of film.
I wouldn’t get an image of ¼ of a bike.
I would still get the whole image of the bike.
Even if I was to cut the film into a hundred pieces.
Each piece would still contain all of the information to produce the whole image if I were to split a laser through it.
Just like each piece of the holographic film contains the whole image.
Each piece of the brain contains all the information of the whole.
Or as that old adage goes.
The universe is in a grain of sand.
But that is only part of the holographic nature of the brain.
Now to this multi-dimensional aspect I attributed to plasticity.
We know that the brain operates on an electromagnetic spectrum.
Probably the most familiar form of electromagnetic radiation to us is electricity.
From my understanding so far.
We don’t know that much more about electricity than we do gravity.
Yes, we know how to use it.
We even know how to create it.
And this one we know what it is (sort of).
Its excited electron/s.
But we don’t know much more than that.
If you haven’t noticed so far.
It’s these ambiguities in physics that I turn to the best use in my story.
So of course what we don’t know about electromagnetism is the hook into the next part of the story about the holographic nature of the brain.
The holographic nature of the brain was a concept put forwards decades ago.
As far as I’m aware it was put forward by physiologist Karl Pribram and physicist David Bohm.
But I think their ideas just didn’t go far enough.
They were saying that the brain interacted with the world through the interference pattern created by the electromagnetic radiation it emitted.
Or something like that.
I agree with this.
But I take my thinking even further down this rabbit hole.
I’d like to propose that we are only aware of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can perceive in these dimensions.
And that the implicit nature of the brain is to engage the electromagnetic spectrum in dimension beyond those that we are aware of.
As we are aware that we are unaware of the full spectrum of electromagnetism.
Such a proposition as I have just made is extremely difficult to disprove.
It’s this holographic multi-dimensional functioning of our brains that I imagine could be the interface.
As the brain would need to reach a certain level of complexity before it becomes the viable interface needed.
It evolves.
I think that evolution is just the natural outcome of the imbued instinctual imperatives of procreation and self-protection of our creation.
Impelled to learn and adapt because its environment consists with the second law of thermodynamics.
Which is all driven by our intention.
I’m fully aware that if you’re still reading this story.
I imagine it’s probably taken a good deal of mental effort to get here and stay with me on this one.
And so it should.
What I’ve just done here in a few thousand words is have an attempt at describing the creation of the universe and at answering a few questions that have puzzled our best thinkers for ages.
That’s the physics part of this story done.
Now for the metaphysics.
This is where this story is going to get even more “out there” than where it’s been.
What I’m about to do now is add the aspect of our intention into this creation which will give rise to the human condition.
To make the story easier to follow further into this concept of creation and the emergence of conscious life.
I’ll do a brief recap of the story so far.
The story starts with us as consciousness’s expressed as coherent forms of electromagnetic radiation.
A non-local Mind.
Poised to merge with a singularity.
Which is matter that’s been moved beyond the physical to a state of pure potential.
That potential emerged from a black hole that was created in a different dimensional existence.
Maybe one of the multi-verses that some physicists propose exists.
We only merge with the potential with our intention.
Which is the outward manifestation of an aspect of our radiant energy in a coherent form.
We maintain the dimensional pressure that created the singularity on the potential contained within it.
Then we send half of the potential off in every way/dimension that is our intention.
We hold that potential we keep in a certain way.
Then through quantum entanglement that way is communicated to its counterparts as temporal space expands and cools and that’s how the physical laws arose.
The effect of the harmonic resonance given at the point of our intentions initial engagement/expansion with/of the potential creates the element factories.
The stars.
A couple of strums on our inter-dimensional harp which is the analogy I used to paint the picture of Us creating the fabric of our one song which is the universe.
Then through the effect of quantum entanglement we have organic life.
A couple more strums and we have an evolving incubator carrying a proto-interface.
The brain.
A brain that has the inbuilt imperatives to look after itself in a dynamic environment and to create more variants of itself by merging its blueprint with anothers.
Once the complexity in the brain reaches a certain point it can start to create and engage the full multi-dimensional spectrum of electromagnetism.
Which opens up the interface that enables us to totally immerse ourselves in our creation and lock ourselves into it.
That was a very simplistic way of describing the moment we engage with the open interface.
So I’ll do it again with a bit more content.
But first I think I need convey just what it is that I think was our intention to manifest creation in the first place.
When I talk of “us/we” as consciousness that emerged as a form of coherent radiation as a non-local mind.
I speak in the plural.
But when I talk of “intention” I’m speaking in the singular because we only have the one intention.
That intention is to manifest an experiential expression of ourselves in this mode of existence.
So for me that’s what life is all about.
Experience and expression.
The actual point in the time line of organic evolution that the brain developed its ability to open the interface is probably a moot point.
I’d like to think we wouldn’t waste the chance to experience what it was to be every aspect of life imaginable.
And maybe we have.
I wouldn’t be surprised to find that a track record of our experience is encoded in our DNA.
I’ve seen some pretty amazing pictures of the human life progression.
From zygote through embryo to foetus that have a remarkable resemblance to other forms of life.
In one of the pictured stages of development we even have a tail.
The brain developing the interface is still only in the beginnings of our interaction and expression as organic life.
By the time the brain has developed its ability to let us immerse ourselves in life.
The incubator has evolved into the appropriate avatar to express ourselves and experience through.
This avatar is operated by the brain.
The brain has hardwired into its organic existence the imperatives of procreation, self-protection and the ability to learn and adapt.
Now imagine this.
The coherent radiation that consciousness has emerged in the non-local mind that is us.
We radiate around the ball of potential that we have engaged with through our intention.
We/us the individually self-aware aspects of that consciousness wait with anticipation again.
This is the moment that it’s all been about.
We wait with our perception focussed on the potential.
That potential is our gateway to other dimensional aspects of existence.
Therefore of experience and expression.
Then it happens!
An interface opens.
Then I/me one of the individually self-aware aspects of the non-local mind.
I/me/self dives into the interface with my focussed perception and lock myself in for the ride.
This ride stars immediately because I’ve just locked myself into a vehicle we created as a means of experience and expression as organic life.
And that vehicle has its own agenda hardwired into its very existence.
An agenda that has nothing to do with my wants of expression, experience and interaction.
So now I’m locked into this world in a body that’s not quite self-aware.
Not quite self aware and yet has a brain of its own nevertheless.
Not only does it have a brain but one that has millions of years of learned instinctual responses and behaviours to any given stimuli that may threaten those built in imperatives of self-protection and procreation.
So the first thing I’d have to do is learn to understand and navigate millions of years of developed instincts.
Unfortunately, since I’m locked into this existence through my focussed perception.
I can’t turn my awareness back and access other aspects of myself.
As they don’t even really exist anymore from this perspective.
So I fully engage with the brain.
The brain was created with the ability to fulfil those functioning’s that I can’t access anymore.
It’s just that I have to start from scratch.
Since the brain developed during gestation.
It would be then when the interface opens and that’s when I engage it with my focussed perception.
So here I am a consciousness that exists outside this dimensional existence.
Yet I’m engaged with it through two aspects of myself.
The first being our intention.
The second being my focussed perception or awareness.
It would therefore follow that as I engage with the interface of our creation with my focussed awareness and I get locked into this existence.
It would be very difficult for me to be aware of anything but this existence.
Because my awareness is focussed into the interface which only has existence here.
As time passes I learn and come to terms with my new environment (body).
But in the very periphery of my focussed perception.
I’m vaguely aware of something else.
I believe that anyone that has the capacity to sit with them self for any length of time with an introspective intent.
They will realise that vague sense of there being something more to existence than life and death.
And that we are the centre of it.
I could quite easily move the narrative of this story into the moral and ethical consequences of an existence that has come about from the initial conditions described in this story.
Or where to from here.
Though I have plenty of ideas and opinions.
Those discussions are not the purview of this story.
As far as I’m concerned this is just the rationale I’ve developed to help me interact with the world and the world with me.
I have no doubt that though I’ve put some good creative thinking into this story.
It’s very unlikely that it is the way things are.
Even if it was.
I couldn’t believe it 100%.
Because if I believe one thing.
That is.
If you hold rigidly ardent to any one belief or perspective.
You shut yourself down to experiencing the infinite other possibilities of the universe.
I know that my story sounds fantastical and unbelievable.
But what if my story had been about a consciousness that had emerged in a coherent form of organics ?
A conscious self aware organic being that was creating an electromagnetic universe.
An electromagnetic universe that it will someday be able to totally immerse its consciousness in and experience and express itself in.
Sound familiar?

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