Altcoin Trollbox - Poloniex Killed It's Trollbox... So I Created Another.

in altcointrollbox •  last year

The URL is simple enough


Quick Background

If you don't know already Poloniex has permanently shut down the trollbox on it's website. This was a place for many random people to voice there opinion on various cryptocurrencies. There where some who hated it and of course some who very much enjoyed it. Poloniex however decided it just wasn't very good for their reputation and ever growing user base, so thus they removed it. Anything is news so this seems to have made it into the headlines around the inter webs so I thought I'd make one for myself to replace it (Just for fun really)

The Future

Not sure what I will really do with this and if it will even catch on or simply die but thought why not!? I got some currency prices up next to the chat that update every minute or so for now. and to expand the box into a popup just click options and then expand

If any of you have some ideas on what to do with this let me know!


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This is cool. How to get poloniex users on this ?


if only there was a Poloniex toolbox to tell them about it haha

Yeah, the trollbox was just bad for so many reasons. I think the best way to get real info about coins and trading is through individually created chat rooms. Im currently part of one on Discord. The High Altitude investing channel on youtube led me to this wonderful chatroom where people share super valuable insight, thus making trades easier.

I am curious if Polo shut down the Trollbox because of how much complaining about their bad service you see scrolling. People not getting their coins, coins disappearing, withdrawals being held, unanswered support tickets for months. I am scared that something bad is coming. I am still having fun trading, but if I make profit I move it off Polo and always go back to my original trading balance.


Good Points. Hopefully some crazy shut down isn't in the works! Last time I was able to get my coins off fairly quickly but I have heard of others having trouble.


Personally, I have made about 5 withdrawals in 2 months. All under .4 btc. I have 2FA and I haven't had trouble withdrawal. But I have had problems with coins disappearing for days and being returned to me once the balance value dropped 33%. Then karma helped me and I made that all back in one day, the same day they stole from me. My support ticket is still open.

You are awesome man!


No. You're Awesome!

Nice work! Will you have some moderators? I find that it is very easy for people to trick others using trollbox settings by posting compromised links


I'm defiantly open to some moderators, might just kill links all together , pure text chat. Was going to make it just be a wide open real troll box but prob should give it a closer look. Anyone interested in being a Moderator? Prob will look for users with high Rep ;)

Again this thing could end up completely empty all the time or packed I have no clue


Killing the links is a great idea. Pure text will help reduce the spam that could potentially be there. Excellent!


Done. URL's are now auto cut and I turned off language censorship ... for now

Just another reason to start using and you can check it out