Is NEM REALLY the sleeping giant?

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In the beginning of my experiences with cypto-currencies, Bitcoin was THE answer to so many of my hopes and dreams about a more decentralized, sovereign world. Where governments can't infinitely fund wars. Where ones money actually belongs to them, and one can send/receive money to anyone anywhere without fear of losing their money because of third parties. I was eager to get my hands on this. After being obsessed and continually amazed with the technology that bitcoin is, I learned it wasn't bitcoin I loved. I love Blockchain technology. But bitcoin was the birth of Blockchain. Bitcoin is the big thing, but so were pagers.

Technology is always evolving, and everyone into crypto-currencies knows that bitcoin does not provide everything people want from cryptos. From Monero's privacy, to dash's better governance, Ethereums smart contracts, there are so many niches to be filled to make a crypto stand out from your regular shitcoin. With such a wildly new and exciting arena that bitcoin has given us, where people have opportunity's again to innovate without permission, there has got to be a new technology at some point that will be the new king of Blockchain money, and perhaps the king of mainstream Blockchain usage aswell. Just like the dotcom boom, it settled down with big monopolies of the best companies. Im sure this will happen with crypto and bitcoin aint gonna cut it. So, why do I think the New Economy Movement (NEM) could most likely be the big player of Blockchain boom?

NEM, it is not a fork of bitcoin. Nem was built from scratch to inherently address all the issues cryptos face today, like scalabilty, ease of use, energy consumption, governance, Incentive to use, and avoiding centralization and consolidation of power by miners etc. and governments who become involved.

The New Economy Movement provides much more than just a currency, (called XEM). You can check out the whole shbang on

Created in 2014, XEM, is a fixed supply of 9 billion, at the time of this writing XEM has been very steadily climbing into $0.021 and is now 8th in overall market cap. Constantly breaking suspected glass ceilings incredibly organically. XEM is not mined, it is harvested, when an account has 10,000 or more nem, the money will naturally become vested by Nem's algorithm. Then you can begin to passively harvest block fees (delegated harvesting). This takes very little electricity because you can turn off your computer and still be harvesting. The more POI (Proof of Importance) you have by holding stake and normally transacting, the more POI you gain. In turn increasing the amount of blocks you harvest. And the more that XEM is used, the higher the amount harvesters receive! This creates an incentive to invest in Nem as a currency because it will naturally pay for its own fees! In terms of transaction speed, XEM takes about 10 to 30 seconds maximum to process. The scalability of xem has been tested on a Private chain called mijin, and the devs are devolping catapult aswell, you can look into this here: it looks promising to one day handle the average amount of transactions a day that visa handles! If you know more about mijin and xems scalability, please share what you know!

Because the NEM ecosystem provides a platform for start-ups, industrys, hospitals, realestate, game developers,artists, and inventors to easily create special blockchains for different purposes easily on java and in other ways, the first projects are already under way in revolutionary new arenas, like gaming: developers can create in game economies of different shapes that allow gamers to make money by, well, gaming. Ill link to some very awesome projects coming into fruition: - the first ico green project, supported by the malaysian government, and united nations to name a few.

XHAI studios: creating games built with nem, first game to implement will be:

Landstead: land trust type- blockchain government!

These are sure signs of a bright future for NEM, and this is why I believe NEM is a sleeping giant of crypto-currencies.

I would love to explain more and answer any questions you have about Nem in the comments,
and feel free to join the community and ask questions to the awesome Telegram community at

ps, think I should add something to this post? Wondering what to write more about Nem :D
Send me some xem if you appreciated my work!


Yes, this is one of my most favorite coins :)

NEM has one of the most technical white paper I've seen. Full of advanced mathematical equations detailing the algorithm all with the proper academical standard of document rendering.

This only shows me that the guys behind actually knows what they are doing.

NEM is looking quite interesting. And should belong in everybody's portfolio IMO.

youll get there :)

The ROI in the future will be fantastic

NEM is stable, and it is growing at a faster rate than BTC and most altcoins. It's a very good coin to get into.

Despite XEM has very huge supply I expect it grow to 0.10 per coin this or next year.

I hope so! I cant seem to hodl enough of it hahahah

#Timestamp - as of 7/17/17, price is USD $0.115 per coin. And that is after the hard downturn over the weekend that knocked about 25% off the overall crypto currency market cap.

Got a new post about NEM for me @vincent4384 ? Is now a good time to enter the market? What do you see for NEM in 2018?

Hehe well, is now a good time to enter the market for nem? Well it depends on if your trying to make a quick buck or if you plan to spend nem as real currency in 5 years. :) I cant give you financial advice, its up to you to get inspired for the longterm hold. I bought some more nem yesterday since the price had been stagnating on the 20 cent support, i think nem will atleast be 30 cents by 2018 and could easily be 50 cents or even a dollar depending on what happens. I recomend going on telegram and joining the nem community there, @nemred

And i will keep this in mind, im working on two other posts atm, then ill jump on nem, especially when more news starts to roll out. Lots of stuff being worked on. Catapult is being released very soon, fees and harvesting requirements will be lowerd aswell.

Very nice. Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and stop to really research what NEM brings to the table instead of chasing hype. I'm trying to get as much as I can at the moment before the masses realize what is really happening here.

thank you! Yes it is an amazing project, oh I just noticed they use sacred geometry in the logo!! Its the birth/center of the holy trinity.

I haven't really looked into the details of NEM but I did buy 50 millibits worth back in early Feb and it's a LOT higher now. Like 20x.

Great article! They recently got a spokesperson, Alexandra Tinsman. Kind of like what Amanda Johson was for DASH. I wrote about her and put in a link to her Youtube-channel:

The the underrated Nem has tricks up its sleeve and about to accelerate further into being the best heavy weight cryptocurrency. Its a legit sleeping giant in my book.

I was holding a lot of Xem's and sold them all, sometimes i'm a douchebag! Now buying back. Thanks for the renewed faith :)

Awesome! Still just the beginning. Lots of really cool developments lately for nem.

Do you have T.P. for my bunghole? I would hate for my bungholio to get polio.

What is the different between NEM and NEM Red

NEM red is a very active public telegram group for people new to nem to talk to experienced users/devs and the community about nem related topics and to foind help and guidance.

Hey I wrote something similar about Nem but a little more like a Story :) Check it out

Oh cool! I like the wide scope you finished with for the future that nem provides, its incredible how diversly usable it is.

curious as to your current outlook on the project since the writing of this post, if you've been keeping up-to-date...?

yes i have! still been accumulating especially since the first time it dipped since this post. and buying alot again lately because im so excited to see the results of the work put into nem so far as catapult has launched on mijin and pundiX is very exciting aswell! i am still, if not more a huge fan of nem now. it has found a special place in my heart for cryptocurrencies and still has always been my #1,

pricewise my outlook is 40 cents before 2018/ new all-time highs, in the coming months.

Good information. I just bought some more NEM (XEM) today.

I will try that one out. Thanks for your info! Happy New Year !

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This seems like the perfect coin. Why has it lagged so much?

it is up 1 1% and fas been going up! hold on....