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This is going to be my first year turnaround here, so I want to start a tradition as I write at dawn on the 31st, to the sound of a mix of Future Techno and giving a read on market trends and technology. So drop the sound in the mix there and let's imagine things a little less distant than my normal posts, which usually deal 5-20 years ahead ...

Just to put into perspective some numbers and facts for 2018 according to a QuantumRun article:

The average Wi-Fi access points for every 20 inhabitants on the planet;

In China, 10Gbps Wi-Fi will be available in the 5GHz frequency band;

HP's new server platform, The Machine, will be available for purchase, with 6 times more firepower than current servers;

The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched into orbit to search for liquid water on other planets.

The first car made by 3d printing will be finalized;

The Mombasa-Kigali railway linking Kenya / Uganda / Rwanda will be completed;

The artificial islands Saadiyat Island and Yas Island in Abu Dhabi as well;

The ultra-connected artificial island city of Songdo IBD, which will be an international business center as well;

Worldwide sales of electric vehicles will exceed 5.2 million units;

Global mobile data traffic will equal 10.5 exabytes;

Internet traffic as a whole will grow to 132 exabytes.

Some trends does this show?

Large, customizable and mass-use data-processing solutions will become increasingly necessary to maintain and expand the infrastructures of cities of the future. The boundaries of the landscape are no longer an obstacle. Renewable energies will become increasingly prevalent and electric cars, possibly autonomous, are a reality that will very soon begin to be seen as commonplace in the big centers, perhaps taking a while to become mainstream and seeing everything that is But they came to stay.

IOT, this internet where objects exchange information dynamically and automated will be increasingly embedded in everything we see. Consumer ecosystems will start to grow faster and faster. Cryptomoedas - like IOTA - can and will have a bigger and bigger impact, as will the smart contracts systems, tokens and ICOs that will shake the market a lot next year, from being a mere chat of ours, from the nerds of criptomoedas and increasingly impacting the decisions and future of companies from everything that is size, from startups to established giants, all rushing to anticipate more this way of establishing consensus, consumption and trust.

The legislative field of crypto-coins will see many changes, with countries adopting broadly different measures in the first, with heated debate and several different approaches, ranging from ICO bans, restrictive and invasive laws with a lot of bureaucracy to more open and self-regulated scenarios. will impact heavily on how markets absorb crypts, adoption, general perception of the population, media reactions, etc. It is a feedback ecosystem where laws can feed media scared campaigns, but the media can also if misinformed or led by ill-intentioned people sow disinformation. Positive scenarios are also possible if the community helps to spread knowledge honestly among the population, legislators and all layers of society, but that would give a post by itself, hehehe ....

New uses of Blockchain will begin to see practical applications worldwide, with systems of election, internal governance, clerks and the like being increasingly implemented and some even moving from testing phases to definite and increasingly complex and well-designed uses (or not), according to the capacity of the groups that develop them and variable levels of reliability ...

Narrow Artificial Intelligence, that is, AI forms developed for specific tasks such as analyzing the consumption of supermarket buyers and keeping stocks dynamically supplied in real time, in an automated way, or an individual mentoring system that evaluates how a student learns and devises customized strategies and content to optimize learning, or even fully or partially IA legal and medical screening systems will accelerate bureaucratic tasks and inevitably make some professions obsolete while generating new markets.

The important thing is to know that as much as we just start to see the icebergs of these movements, they are all there, already in motion and the problems they generate by nature in causing these changes are all already creating business opportunities and innovation for all that is side. Let's look closely and create new things!

PS: If after that column you open your eyes and stay motivated and end up creating something that lends and give a nice money, I accept gratitude in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, SNGLS, IOTA and any other crypto that you think is worth something and that I can make a wallet without having to calculate the Pi to more than 5 decimal places