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Well, while I 100% agree with you, I back coins with real world utility and application, such as POWR, from PowerLedger. I can, in theory, erect a solar factory on my roof and rent it out to the apartment building next door, with the approval of the body corporate, and earn as much from the electricity as I would if I owned an apartment in the building, using the grid that my Powr coins give me access to. Tick - real world application and use. Next, CanYa coin - a new ICO that combines the best features of Uber and Airbnb and put them onto the blockchain so that my services are offered on a decentralised platform. Tick - real world application. What is Dash? Just digital cash. Why the price rise? Hmm - that IS a worry. Other real-word investments I have made - - invested in the exchange which hosts other commodities, not just crypto. Tick - real world application. What else? Neo - it's a platform for Coins; Ethos; again a platform for coins; Maid - it's something ephemeral - real world application? Maybe, in a world where hackers rule, yes, it has real world application then. Bitshares - again a share in an exchange; Tick - real world application. PeerCoin - a crypto that is included in the safe list in China. Hut34 Entropy Token - the idea is to monetise data via chat bots which are then disseminated on websites on the internet. Real world application? Tick. But I appreciate your drawing...Disclaimer: no BTC/Ether/Pump coins owned by the responder